Humidor Moscow Cigar Lounge made in Germany

The highest cigar lounge in Moscow equipped with Gerber humidors

Published on 20. September 2021 in General

To be able to equip Moscow’s highest lounge with Gerber humidors is already a very special title that we wear with pride.
The final work has not yet been completed, but we are already imagining how we might smoke a wonderful „Olivia“ with a melancholy view of the Kremlin, while devoting ourselves to the eternally young Anna Karenina.

Individual wish: High-quality jewellery box from the carpenter

Published on 29. Mai 2021 in General

As a 135-year-old joinery, Gerber GmbH specialises in fulfilling your personal wishes. We are happy to listen to your ideas and try to implement them in constant dialogue with you as our customer. At the request of one of our customers, we have developed a completely new project: a detailed jewellery box, which is located in the body of our classic, the Cube Humidor. 

Spanish Cedar best humidors swiss USA handmade handcrafted cigar cabinet

Spanish Cedar Humidor Pins

Published on 14. November 2020 in General

The pins for the Gerber Humidor cigarboards and drawers are turned by a dear and valued partner in the classic way by hand. Woodturning is a craft of its own and also an independent profession in Germany. The work at the lathe is done by a turner, not by a carpenter or joiner.

humidor swiss schweiz weiß befeuchtung cigar zigarren

Cigar Cabinet Swiss

Published on 6. Oktober 2020 in General

Cigar smokers are personalities, from Winston Churchill to Gerhard Schröder. In any case, this is the experience of Heinrich Villinger, one of the greatest cigar lovers in Switzerland. To appreciate the pleasure of a good cigar is often connected with a certain amount of life experience and a strong sense of beauty.

high quality cigar storage cigar cabinet digitally controlled

Best cigar storage – cigar cabinet digitally controlled

Published on 14. Juli 2020 in General

The Gerber Humidor Humidification System is a proprietary development based on our experience in the manufacture of cigar cabinets. We do not buy humidification equipment from a third party manufacturer, but have designed, tested and, over many years, continuously developed the humidor control and humidification system built into our cigar cabinets.

high-quality cigar cabinet humidification for cigars

Made-to-measure cigar cabinet for the U.S.

Published on 9. Juli 2020 in General

From the receipt of an order to the delivery of a handmade humidor of the best quality, many steps are required. An interested architect from the USA requested a custom-made luxury built-in humidor with electronically controlled humidification for his cigar-loving private customer.