Humidor automatic humidification carbon

Humidified cigar cabinet wrapped in carbon

Published on 29. Mai 2022 in General

The cigar cabinet with a carbon outer shell was handcrafted in our manufactory in Germany and is now located in Revere, Massachussetts USA. In its new location in a cozy „Man’s Cave“ the humidor makes an American cigar collector happy today.

Precise values in the humidor

Cigar lovers are everywhere in the world, from the East Coast in the USA, to Hong-Kong, to Sydney and Tel-Aviv. We are pleased that all over the world Gerber cigar cabinets make demanding cigar collectors happy. The modern technical systems for humidification and the additional regulation of dehumidification offer cigars a real feel-good climate. Whether for loving cigar aging of classic Cubans over several years or for the right humidity for the next smoke, a cigar cabinet from Gerber provides precise values and setting options.

Electronically controlled humidification

The Gerber Carbon cigar cabinet for our American customer features an electronically controlled humidification system. The system has been developed by Gerber Humidor for our international customers in the USA, Canada, Switzerland and Asia and in all other places itself and has been constantly refined and improved over the last 25 years. A highly precise humidity sensor controls the values in the humidor at short intervals. The desired relative humidity is set by our customers in Europe, America and Asia themselves. Values between the frequently desired 65 and 75% rL. are possible in 0.1% steps. An electronic control system compares the actual values in the humidor with the pre-set target value. In case of deviations, the system starts working and activates humidification or dehumidification as required.

Spanish cedar inside – carbon outside

The Spanish cedar inside supports the electronically controlled humidification system in a natural way. The wood with the special cigar aroma may only be processed untreated. Only the natural aromas underline the scent of the cigars during the so-called cigar aging. In addition, the open-pored wood provides a natural moisture regulation. The untreated surface of the wood provides like a sponge for a supportive humidity regulation in the humidor. The aromas and aromatic resin of the wood make it resistant to germs, bacteria and mold. In the exterior design of a humidor, we are completely free in the choice of materials. We are happy to fulfill your customer wishes, such as here for the American aficionado a noble cigar cabinet in carbon.

humidor walnut humidification automatic

Humidor Ascension with glass dome and automatic humidification

Published on in General

The color combination of the Ascension for a Swiss client gave the Gerber team a lot of pleasure from the very beginning. The yellow-brown-red French walnut finds the ideal complement in the bronze-colored laminate under the glass dome.

Two humidification zones

The Ascension humidor is a real eye-catcher from the outside and inside. It features two equal humidification zones. Cigars can be stored under the glass hood as well as in the lower part of the cabinet. The removable service board is particularly suitable for storing and presenting loose cigars. Handcrafted from genuine Spanish cedar, it serves as a presentation tray for a good smoke at the table. Equipped with Spanish cedar fidibuses and matching tools, you have everything present at your fingertips to treat your guests.

French walnut in Switzerland

The exterior design and layout of the Serviceboard has been created entirely according to the customer’s wishes. In the standard configuration, a cutout for a stainless steel cigar cutter with a guillotine cut is made in the Spanish cedar Serviceboard. The customer from Switzerland requested a cutout to match the preferred cutter knife. Of course, we were happy to fulfill this request. The black knife is also a good looking feature on our service board. Of course we are also happy to deliver humidors to our European neighbors in Austria, Luxembourg, Poland, Scandinavia, Spain and everywhere in the world.

Cigar Cabinet with 40 drawers and humidification

Spanish cedar and Cocobolo cigar cabinet with 40 drawers

Published on 8. Mai 2022 in General

„I need a lot of drawers in my humidor and it has to be something very special“ was the wish of our customer from Doha. It ended up being 40 drawers made of Spanish Cedar and an exterior design made of real Cocobolo wood, framed by solid brass. We are curious what the guests of Fork & Knife’s restaurant in Doha, „The Pearl“, will say about this unique piece of jewelry for cigars.

40 drawers made of Spanish cedar

According to the proven Gerber quality standard, the humidor consists of an inner body made of original Spanish cedar and a dimensionally stable outer body. The aroma of Spanish Cedar makes the humidor inside smell fragrant and turns the cigar cabinet into the perfect storage place for fine cigars. The restaurant’s best regular customers receive a personalized drawer for their favorite cigars. The drawers are handcrafted one-of-a-kind pieces made of solid cedar wood (Cedrela odorata). Unlike many modern drawers, they can slide open and closed without any tools at all. With a classic milled groove, each drawer is guided in the humidor; the humidity in the humidor cannot harm them.

Powerful tangential fan for air circulation

In addition to the established humidification system, the cigar cabinet is equipped with effective dehumidification and a powerful cross-flow fan. The additional fan in the upper part of the humidor is used to ensure air circulation in the humidor interior cabinet across all levels. The more wood is installed in a humidor, the more balanced the air circulation must be planned and implemented. And 40 drawers are made of a lot of solid wood.

Cocobolo and Brass

The color combination of the reddish Cocobolo wood with the noble brass immediately inspired us. The expression of the wood is particularly warm and lively. It complements the lighter hue of the Spanish cedar and allows both woods to shine particularly beautifully. The noble brass bridges the gap between the classic materials used in high-quality furniture construction and the modern design of the humidor. The classy look is timeless and will enhance the Doha restaurant for many decades to come.

Humidor Moscow Cigar Lounge made in Germany

The highest cigar lounge in Moscow equipped with Gerber humidors

Published on 20. September 2021 in General

To be able to equip Moscow’s highest lounge with Gerber humidors is already a very special title that we wear with pride.
The final work has not yet been completed, but we are already imagining how we might smoke a wonderful „Olivia“ with a melancholy view of the Kremlin, while devoting ourselves to the eternally young Anna Karenina.

Individual wish: High-quality jewellery box from the carpenter

Published on 29. Mai 2021 in General

As a 135-year-old joinery, Gerber GmbH specialises in fulfilling your personal wishes. We are happy to listen to your ideas and try to implement them in constant dialogue with you as our customer. At the request of one of our customers, we have developed a completely new project: a detailed jewellery box, which is located in the body of our classic, the Cube Humidor. 

Spanish Cedar best humidors swiss USA handmade handcrafted cigar cabinet

Spanish Cedar Humidor Pins

Published on 14. November 2020 in General

The pins for the Gerber Humidor cigarboards and drawers are turned by a dear and valued partner in the classic way by hand. Woodturning is a craft of its own and also an independent profession in Germany. The work at the lathe is done by a turner, not by a carpenter or joiner.