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Humidors for installation in niches and shelves for best cigar storage quality from Germany relative humidity and Spanish cedar

Humidor Hamad Int’l Airport Doha Qatar

What makes a humidor? The question sounds very simple, because anyone who visits the website of Gerber Humidor knows about the need for a humidor for the perfect cigar storage. Behind the „scenes“ or doors of a Gerber humidor is hidden the latest technology and sophisticated construction.

The secret of the best cigar storage

But the principle is still true, of course: a humidor is used for cigar storage and keeps the cigars „moist“. Because a dry cigar gives little pleasure. And moist is a very fuzzy term in this context. Under the keyword of cigar storage, it means the relative humidity.
In very simple terms, it is the hydrogen content of air. The specification in percent describes the ratio of the current water content to the highest possible water content in the air. (The possible water content in the air is of course again dependent on the temperature). Therefore, we speak of the relative humidity in percent. For cigars, values around 70% relative humidity inside the cigar cabinet are desired.

Relative humidity inside

A humidor is therefore a cigar cabinet humidified inside. The best place for cigar storage. Gerber Humidor, based in Germany, manufactures humidors for customers all over the world. Private customers as well as business customers appreciate the quality of a handmade humidor. Therefore, you can find Gerber humidors everywhere on the continents: from Switzerland, to Australia, to the USA and HongKong, word has spread about the uniqueness of a cigar cabinet from the manufactory. Equipped with the most modern technology for the best possible smoking pleasure.
The photo shows the three-wing humidor for Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar.