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humidor gerber no1 black touchpanel 3 cigar drawers

Cigar cabinet equipped with touch panel & PLC for perfect cigar storage.

Cigar cabinet equipped with touch panel & PLC for perfect cigar storage. The black lacquered cigar cabinet decorates the entrance hall of a dear customer in the USA. In the right setting, our largest freestanding humidor looks almost dainty.The humidor is equipped with a modern TouchPanel. The integrated PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) logs and controls all processes in the humidor reliably and automatically. The TouchPanel is equipped with the Gerber Humidor software for controlling a cigar cabinet. This software was developed in our company and has been maintained and further developed by us for years. The TouchPanel displays the prevailing relative humidity in the humidor in the form of a hygrometer. This is measured by highly sensitive sensors and the values are processed electronically.

Control and monitoring for the best cigar storage

The use of an electronic control offers the aficionado many advantages: the electronic measuring instruments that we install in Germany are much more sensitive and accurate than any classic hygrometer. The control system can react at any time if the target values and the actual values in the humidor differ from each other. If the relative humidity in the humidor is too low, the system starts to work and humidifies. If the relative humidity in the humidor is too high, the system dehumidifies.

The TouchPanel has different preset modes, so you can choose between CigarAging, Vacation and many other combinations. The stored values in the system control all interconnected processes: Humidification, Dehumidification, Fresh Air, Auxiliary Fan. You do not have to worry about anything else.

In addition, on the start page of the Gerber humidor TouchPanel you can see at a glance what the level of the humidifier is and whether the humidor needs distilled water.

Remote maintenance for the humidor included

The TouchPanel and the PLC work as a stand-alone solution and only need supply voltage (110 – 240 volt input voltage). However, there is also the possibility to connect the control via LAN to the Internet. As a manufacturer in Germany, this gives us the simple possibility of being able to check all technical functions in the humidor to ensure that they are working properly. Our service is gladly available for you personally at any time.