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The best cigar storage needs a humidor - handmade in Germany - a white Gerber Cigar Cabinet

Humidor from Gerber in the USA to the delight of golfers

Cigars are a particularly beautiful piece of craftsmanship and tradition. All over the world, the gifts of nature are appreciated and loved. When the scent of cigar smoke rises from a tasty cigar, it becomes cozy and pleasure takes hold. This pleasure can only be enjoyed to the fullest if the best cigar storage is ensured.

The perfect storage of the cigar

Every connoisseur who has ever enjoyed tobacco in the form of a good cigar knows that it must not be too dry or too wet. If the cigar is too dry, it will burn too quickly and the tobacco will not taste good or may even leave an unpleasant burning sensation when smoked. If it is too wet, the burning behavior is not good; the cigar has difficulty „getting going“ and cannot be smoked well. The key to pure smoking pleasure from a good cigar is storage. The key word is „70% relative humidity“. This is more relative humidity than the „normal“ air in a European room usually has. If the weather in summer after a thunderstorm has this humidity, we perceive it as humid – perfect for the cigar.

Handmade humidors

A handmade humidor from Gerber provides exactly this environment for the luxurious cigars. The best cigar storage takes place at a constant relative humidity. Many aficionados opt for values between 68 to 72% relative humidity in the cigar cabinet. Every cigar lover has his own philosophy, depending on taste, variety, strength, country of origin of the cigar. Our claim is to produce humidors and cigar cabinets that offer the best possible environment for the cigar. At Gerber Humidor, craftsmanship meets state-of-the-art technology – everything for the optimal cigar storage.

Ascension in white

The shown humidor is a white painted Gerber Humidor Ascension. We were allowed to manufacture this humidor for a customer in the USA. Today it delights the aficionados of a beautiful golf course. A perfect match. Its glass dome can be raised by remote control. A real eye-catcher at any location. In the lower area is storage space for cigar boxes. All of the best quality for a lifetime of enjoyment.