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Modern humidification technology for precious cigars

Our customers in the USA appreciate the technical features of our cigar cabinets. And in the United States of America, people love German craftsmanship. Especially carpenters with centuries of family tradition like Gerber GmbH.

The humidor shown has found a wonderful place in Dallas. Its new owner in the USA loves cigars. In particular, he loves to enjoy them with friends and business partners. Accordingly, the cabinet has found a prominent favorite place in his Texas home.

No maintenance

Our customer in the USA is particularly pleased that the humidor requires virtually no maintenance. Just refill it with distilled water every now and then, and the cigar cabinet takes care of the „rest“ all by itself. This is due to the perfectly tuned humidification system developed at Gerber Humidor. The system consists of components integrated into the cabinet. The design of the interior cabinet is matched to it. The heart of the system consists of an electronically controlled controller, which measures the actual data in the humidor and compares it with the desired data. If the relative humidity in the cigar cabinet is too low or too high, humidification or dehumidification is automatically activated. The desired value can be set individually. For example, it can be between 60 and 75% relative humidity.

The design

A Gerber humidor is built to last and should provide a lifetime of enjoyment. Therefore, we have chosen a timeless, simple design. Especially with spectacular woods like the Ziricote shown, the appearance of the veneer can unfold its full charm. The luxurious wood from Mexico lets its „flames“ flicker all over the humidor. The color accents of the different shades of brown form an absolutely peculiar pattern, a fantastic veneer image, a real unique specimen. The high-gloss varnish perfectly sets off the noble wood of the cigar cabinet. The gloss makes the colors and grain of the wood appear even more intense. A unique eye-catcher.