Solid piece of furniture made from one piece


The Monolith owes its name to its large stature and to the craftsmanship that highlights its monolithic character, including the flush-mounted front door and the recessed glass lid. Like massive stones from an ancient age, our Monolith humidor is conceived as a solid, freestanding piece of furniture. With the veneer from the noblest trees, the humidor makes a bold statement in your home, and its simple geometric shapes shine with tranquility and grandeur. Impressive size and outstanding craftsmanship characterize this humidor, the highly-valued Gerber features make the Monolith a true masterpiece. The separable outer cabinet of the Monolith hides two divided storage areas inside of it to form one whole unit. The glass lid of the Monolith opens smoothly with a precise mechanized hinge. The underlying cigar board is made from Spanish Cedar (Cedrela odorata) and is able to be removed. Upon request, additional lighting is available to bathe your tobacco products, even with the lid open, in an attractive light. Individual cigars are exquisitely presented and perfectly stored over the years. Valuable cigar boxes are stored safely in the bottom, lockable drawer of the cabinet humidor, so that the cigars can mature and develop their unique flavor and character.


Hand-crafted with style, culture and taste

In a German factory, exceptional products are created with a unique character. Created for people with high demands- these products have a timeless luxury. Handmade products have their own special value and endure in a complex world of change. Each Gerber humidor carries the personal signature of its builder and is a true one of a kind production.

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GERBER Humidor Monolith Innenraum

With immense variety of features


In addition to the lid, the Monolith has a base cabinet. The interior can be closed air-tight so that the humidity remains inside.

True connoisseurs are well informed: every cigar box has individual dimensions. With moving elements the inner cabinet can be equipped – depending on the customers need. The C · Flex System facilitates individual arrangement of the interior space and practical distribution of the cigars. 

The Cigarboards are made of special wood. Spanish cedar is the original humidor wood. The inner cabinet of the Monolith is lined with carefully dried Spanish Cedar (Cedrala odorata), complete with a perfect aroma. The door completes the entire cabinet with style. The door is fitted with a continuous seal and multi-point locks in order to keep your cigar collection safe and secure.

GERBER Humidor No.1 Duft der spanischen Zeder

The original humidor wood


From time immemorial, the wood of Cedrela has been used to make humidors. The aromatic essence of Spanish cedar is very close to that of tobacco. There is no wood, which would be considered more appropriate to store cigars in.

Spanish cedar (botanical term “cedrela odorata”) is against the name not a conifer it is a deciduous tree. Spanish cedar does not originate from Spain as one might assume but is generally imported from Brazil and other countries of South and Central America. The aromatic tree is a relative of the real mahogany and the name is probably derived of the external appearance. It’s not just the wonderful aroma that makes the Cedrela the perfect tree for the constructions of humidors, but it also has several other natural properties that are beneficial.

The special elements in and taste of the wood protect the cigars from tobacco worms and fungus which would otherwise easily creep out of the wood and onto the cigars. The wood itself is difficult for water to saturate, but it does retain moisture for a long time and therefore has a regulating effect.

GERBER Humidor Monolith CigarboardsCigars need to breathe


The removable Cigarboards of the No. 1 are completely adjustable according to demand in position and height and they can be tilted. Freely adjustable beams allows individual gaps between the boards. The cigarboards are handmade and more items can be ordered. The concealed LED light will move along with the cigarboards and puts your cigars any time perfectly in scene.

Stainless steel perforated plates, framed with solid Cedrela, are ideal for the storage of cigar boxes and cabinets. They provide a uniform air flow on all levels. The stainless steel base is sturdy and simply elegant. With the frame and base both made from solid Cedrela, it is ideal for the storage of individual cigars and boxes. Ventilation holes in the base allow the air to circulate evenly throughout the humidor and ventilate the cigars from below. Both the circulating air vents and the use of solid Cederal prevent mold.Because Cedrela absorbs moisture so well, relative humidity is quickly restored, even with frequent opening of the lid.

The cigar board “Special” is outfitted with the Flex compartments and solid Cedrela pins. Upon request, we provide additional support slats for an even greater air circulation and for protection against a rare but possible resin bleed from the Cedrela wood.

Offer your customers and friends something very special


Passion in itself is something that one must always wish to share with others and which also ought to be shared. So it behaves also with the enjoyment of a classy cigar. A cigar will like to be felt and smelled, shared and discusses with a good friend. With the removable Serviceboard you have the perfect item to display your select cigars. A warm and stylish atmosphere increases the pleasure each fine cigar. Present them to your customers or friends in a relaxed environment, in the Cigar-Lounge, or by a fireplace at home on genuine Spanish Ceder.

Our Serviceboard made from Cedrela offers a fitted recess for Fidibusse from Cedrela for the perfect smoke. The razor-sharp cigar scissors with guillotine grinding is provided if requested. Our 100% Cedrela Serviceboard, with its unique Flex dividers for separation of flavors and varieties is a must-have for every passionate aficionado.

Gerber Humidor Monolith C Flex System

With system for perfect presentation


In order to keep proper track of everything in your humidor, organization is essential. The cigar board frame, made from solid Cedrela boards, forms an adaptable and intelligently designed system that is perfect for organizing cigars and cigar boxes.

The Cigar Board Flex system is yet another variation, which enables responsive and systematic storage of individual cigars. 100% Cedrela pins are an additional part of the cigar boards. They are movable and twist into place, allowing for variability. These pins provide for the protection and the development of the perfect flavor.

GERBER Humidor Monolith Technik

Optimal conditions for the perfect enjoyment


Cigar connoisseurs know that constant humidity is what a humidor really needs. With our integrated electronic humidification and dehumidification system, your cigars can be optimally protected in the Monolith. The relative humidity is measured by sensitive sensors and both too high and too low values ​​can be compensated. If the humidity is too low, moisture is distributed evenly in the humidor with the aid of the humidifier until the setpoint set by you is reached. The Gerber humidor monolith uses a high-precision cold evaporator with high humidifier performance.

A fresh air valve allows the fresh air supply to be controlled manually so that the cigars are always supplied with fresh air even if the humidor is rarely opened. The supply of fresh air promotes the aromas and the maturation process of cigars.

Gerber Humidor Monolith Deckel Mit Flaechenbuendigen Glas

With flush glass


The Gerber humidor monolith holds your precious cigars under its imposing lid until the moment of relaxed enjoyment. Due to the two-shell construction system, the hinged lid is particularly stable and uses its own weight to seal the humidor airtight. The cover, which can be locked in the basic version, can be equipped with flush-mounted glass, depending on your personal preference.

The lid with the flush-mounted glass takes on the design of the straight lines and smooth surfaces. It perfects the presentation of your cigar collection. The cigar lover’s gaze falls through the glass onto the top cigar shelf. Here your selected cigars can rest and mature. If necessary, the board can be removed with a handle. When required the cigar shelf can be expanded to an customized Serviceboard. Equipped with spills and an luxury cigar scissor made of stainless steel. So you can provide the populated Cigarboard for the perfect Smoke before igniting the cigar. Uniquely you can offer other aficionados their exclusive cigars in a very special way.

GERBER Humidor Monolith Druckknopf

The right closure for every design


For stable regulation of the relative humidity, a humidor must be reliably sealed. The closure of the humidor should have therefore a pronounced closing force. At the same time it should be in design and form functional and appealing. Because of this, we have dealt particularly intensively with different closure options.

The closing mechanism by the recessed lock with a classic key forms the basic equipment of our humidor monolith. The materials are high quality, durable and of selected quality.

Alternatively, we offer a push-button closure for our humidors with lids. Thanks to the innovative design, the push button can almost flush flush into the front of the humidor. He gives a particularly elegant impression. The high closing force ensures a stable tightness of the interior. The push button is available in different materials and surfaces. Fits the exterior of the humidor and to your taste.

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