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  • Gerber Humidor

    Ventilation holes provide uniform air circulation in the humidor. Lighting on each level of the cabinet.

  • Gerber Humidor

    Exclusive cigar cabinet for lovers of beautiful woods

  • Gerber Humidor

    Cigarboards made of Spanish Cedar. For the presentation of lose Cigars.

  • Gerber Humidor

    Electronically controlled humidification for a wonderful cigar enjoyment

    Monolith - timeless design in wood for noble cigars

    Cigar cabinet made from one piece

    The Monolith owes its name to its large stature and to the craftsmanship that highlights its monolithic character, including the flush-mounted front door and the recessed glass lid. Like massive stones from an ancient age, our Monolith humidor is conceived as a solid, freestanding piece of furniture.

    With the veneer from the noblest trees, the humidor makes a bold statement in your home, and its simple geometric shapes shine with tranquility and grandeur. Impressive size and outstanding craftsmanship characterize this humidor, the highly-valued Gerber features make the Monolith a true masterpiece. The separable outer cabinet of the Monolith hides two divided storage areas inside of it to form one whole unit. The glass lid of the Monolith opens smoothly with a precise mechanized hinge. The underlying cigar board is made from Spanish Cedar (Cedrela odorata) and is able to be removed. Upon request, additional lighting is available to bathe your tobacco products, even with the lid open, in an attractive light. Individual cigars are exquisitely presented and perfectly stored over the years. Valuable cigar boxes are stored safely in the bottom, lockable drawer of the cabinet humidor, so that the cigars can mature and develop their unique flavor and character.

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    Handmade products have their own unique value and endure in a complex world of change. Each Gerber humidor bears the personal signature of its builder and is truly unique.


    Humidor Monolith

    The Humidor Monolith takes its name in reference to the rocks that were created with great force from one piece. This cigar cabinet is also made as if from one piece. Ideal for the elegance of fine woods. Nothing disturbs the sight on the cubist surfaces. The eye rests on the unique veneer grains of our exclusive woods. 

    Size: 1200 x 560 x 420 mm (HxWxD)

    6 Cigarbords (standard) made of Spanish Cedar; 2 under the lit, 4 in the upper cabinet. Glass in the lid. Light – top and bottom of the humidor. Electronically controlled humidification & dehumidification.
    Optional:  Serviceboard with scissors

    Even today, strength, skill and patience are required to perfectly work the fine veneers. Wafer-thin sheets are laid together by hand to form unique patterns. In many elaborate steps, unique combinations of color and structure are created. The protective varnish for the wood allows the colors to shine – in the language of carpenters, we talk about „flaming up“ the wood. The beautiful king wood shines itself like a flame and offers beloved cigar collections a beautiful place.
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    Design Examples
    The Monolith

    Our Monolith

    is the Gerber humidor that stands out especially for its clear form. As the name of the model promises, the freestanding humidor also radiates calm, elegance and grandeur. An active humidification system with carefully coordinated dehumidification, ensures even in the long term for a cigar storage that leaves nothing to be desired.

    The Spanish cedar

    shelves, called Cigarboards, are adjustable in height, removable and are wonderful to hold. Loose cigars of all sizes find the perfect place to store them. Pins made of solid cedar help with sort separation. Air can circulate freely thanks to the air holes. The lid with flush-mounted glass is softly illuminated and puts the cigars in the right light. For aficionados worldwide, an original custom-made humidor from Gerber is the perfect addition to the precious cigar treasure.


    A handmade humidor

    crowns the pleasure with the perfect combination of optimal cigar storage, luxurious appearance and state-of-the-art equipment. Embedded in the aroma of Spanish cedar, the cigars can develop their unique taste.

    The world of veneers

    Growth characteristics

    Each type of wood and each piece of wood has individual growth characteristics; therefore, each veneered Gerber humidor is also truly unique. These growth characteristics are not defects, but typical of wood.

    Every tree and every type of wood has individual characteristics, such as special grains, small knot growths or interesting color variations. They contribute significantly to its characteristic surface of our Gerber cigar cabinets.


    Steamed veneers

    Maple, beech or other, especially light-colored, veneers can be produced unsteamed and steamed. By the so-called boiling in hot water two effects are achieved: The wood is given the necessary suppleness to ensure a perfect finishing quality. And the duration of the boiling or steaming process affects the color of the veneer. With some woods, there may be slight pinkish tones in the wood. This ensures the uniqueness and the worldwide unique quality for a genuine Gerber humidor – the best for the best cigar storage.


    Smoked veneers

    Smoking is a staining process used as early as 150 years ago. It involves steaming the wood with ammonia. All woods rich in tannins, such as oak, pine, larch, service tree, apple tree and Douglas fir are suitable for smoking.

    The reaction of the acid in the wood with ammonia as a base produces the dark coloration. The discoloration remains absolutely stable to aging and as far as possible to light. Veneers such as smoked oak or smoked eucalyptus are particularly popular with Gerber Humidor customers. Wonderful unique pieces are created for cigar lovers that offer the best in cigar storage worldwide.



    The joining of successive veneer sheets of a bundle or a whole log to form a larger veneer surface is called veneer unwinding or veneer sequence. Most popular for processing fine Gerber humidor woods is the technique of tumbling.
    In the process of overturning, the veneers are selected and assembled so that two sheets of veneer face each other in a mirror image (similar to an open book, hence the term „bookmatch“ in English). The mirror image effect is particularly prominent when vividly grained veneers are selected.


    Source: IFN, Initiative Veneer and Nature,