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Quality is a family tradition
Humidor production in a family business in Germany for the best cigar storage
1. generation
1883 – the 30-year-old carpenter‘s master Carl Gerber founds the company Gerber GmbH in the inner city of Duisburg. Shortly after follows a relocation of the company in a more modern workshop within the town
2. generation
1886 – Karl Gerber, the son of the company founder is born. He steps in the footprints of his father and attains the title of the carpenter‘s master
3. generation
1921 – Year of birth of the master carpenter Karl Gerber, grandchildren of the company founder. He takes over and has significantly shaped the company for many decades
4. generation
1944 – Karl-Heinz Gerber Senior was born. He is by today the owner of the company and manager of the Gerber GmbH
5. generation
1969 – Year of birth of the joiner and owner of master’s degree in business administration Karl-Heinz Gerber Junior. Today he is manager and forms the future of the enterprise.
1971 – Relocation to the address „Auf der Höhe 62-64“ in Duisburg; on a total area from 9800m2 the company can spread out and work.
Humidor production in a family business in Germany for the best cigar storage
Humidor Tischler

A tradition of innovation

It is in the professional production of custom-made humidors that these qualities and the long tradition of carpentry come together. For the international luxury market, Gerber provides unique cigar cabinets and is the leader in both equipment and design.

In addition to our models, we also manufacture individual humidors, installed solutions and cigar lounges. These are designed according to your wishes.

We look forward to your inquiries!

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Family Business

Humidor Production in its fifth generation

The history of Gerber, a family-owned business, reads like an exciting novel. Established over 130 years ago, the company’s founder, Carl Gerber, used his status as a master carpenter, as the foundation of the company. The establishment of the first joiners’ workshop in the inner city of Duisburg laid the foundation of the close relationship between the family Gerber and the city of Duisburg. From the very beginning Gerber has proved with finest craftsmanship and became a permanent fixture throughout the entire region.

During the Second World War in the course of the bombardment the joiners’ workshop burnt down in 1943 up to the foundation walls. The grandson of the enterprise founder was stationed at this time far away from home in Berlin as a soldier. Because of his strong involvement to his birthplace Karl Gerber returned after his war captivity with his Berlin woman to Duisburg. In spite of the entire destruction of the workshop the name „Gerber“ has got an excellent reputation in Duisburg. In a burnt down house Karl Gerber has set up his temporary workshop with only 500 German Reichsmark in his pocket. Starting from there he built up his new existence out of nothing. Now the company extends far beyond regional borders.

Even then, competence, passion, and commitment to quality were the key factors that were eventually passed down through the generations and made the company what it is today. Despite all the changes over the years, the company’s original philosophy has remained the same: „Success and stability can only be realized with great dedication, love of profession, entrepreneurial courage, and vision.“

Today, master carpenter Karl-Heinz Gerber Sr. and Karl-Heinz Gerber Jr., MBA, drive the business forward with new ideas and are optimistic about the future: „We are proud to follow in the footsteps of our fathers and grandfathers and to be consistently successful with new ideas.”

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Today the family company Gerber consists of the manufactory and the related subsidiarie Gerbotec. With our affiliates, the flooring specialist Gerbotec, we cover the entire scope of the versatile interior.
In addition, our portfolio encloses the high-quality store and exhibition construction, interior design, security technology, furniture construction according by customers’ specifications and the expert restoration of historical windows and doors.

 The individual consulting of our customers by trained specialist personnel is of particular importance to us. We take the time to really listen to our clients and to fulfil your individual wishes and requirements.

Our company offers a wide range of possibilities only goods “of the peg” will not be provided. Our products are made traditionally by hand. A modern and multifunctional machinery supports our specialist staff: a powerful and universal CNC-machining center and automatic edging with optical zero joint. A special section of our furniture manufacturing is the humidor construction in which the manufactory has specialized. For Afficionados worldwide is an original Gerber humidor the perfect complement to a precious cigar treasure. One of our humidors crowns the pleasure by the perfect union between optimum cigar storage, luxurious optics and very modern equipment: From a desktop humidor up to a complete Cigar lounge – you receive unique humidors in the most different dimensions and equipment variations with us.

Together with you we design the optimum humidor for your personal collection and precisely tailored to your requirements. Harmony, from both inside and outside, is what makes a Gerber humidor something special. We connect with the cigar smoke not only for the enjoyment, but also, to some extent, because it ties us to a sense of beauty.

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Humidor production in a family business in Germany for the best cigar storage