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    Humidor and liquor cabinet Hotel Marriott Berlin

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    Serviceboard made of Spanish cedar. With cigar scissors and spills.

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    Cigar drawers made of Spanish Cedar. For exclusive customers and loose cigars.

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    Elegant smoking salon on the cruise ship "Mein Schiff 3".

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    Europäischer Hof Heidelberg - the new Smokers Lounge. Retreat for connoisseurs

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    Professional for Cigar Cabinets and Cigar Lounges

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    Cigar and liquour cabinet in fine cherry wood. Warm red tones, clear glass, perfect lighting.

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    Gerber Humidors always have an individual design

unique cigar storage

Humidors & Cigar Lounges

From a desktop humidor up to a complete Cigar Lounge – you receive unique humidors in the most different dimensions and equipment variations with us. Gerber is a family owned joinery and a Cigar Lounges manufacturing company.

Humidors in different versions

From family tradition all Gerber humidors are hand-crafted with the “Made in Germany” stamp. 

unique cigar storage

Cigar Cabinets & Smoking lounges

Our cigar cabinets are unique pieces of jewelry equipped with the most modern technology. A long-tested humidification system, developed by Gerber Humidor, regulates the relative humidity inside. Whether with 40 cigar drawers for the guests of a restaurant or suitable for the fireplace room of a cigar and whiskey lover. We realize your wishes individually.

For Afficionados worldwide is an original Gerber humidor the perfect complement to a precious cigar treasure. 

Gerber Humidor


We offer humidors in different sizes for small and large cigar collections. From the battery operated desk humidor Cube to the large cigar cabinet like the No. 1. The exterior design is made according to your wishes. Inside we use Spanish Cedar, the original humidor wood. Built-in humidors are made to measure.

Gerber Humidor

Humidor special productions

Custom Solutions are available in a wide range of options, from a small travel humidor up to a walk-in solution. Space-saving Built-in cabinets for a perfect integration into walls & room-sized Cigar Lounges.


Humidor Ascension

The Gerber Humidor Ascension with the movable glass cover is an eye-opener. At the touch of a button, the glass hood rises to reveal the treasure trove of cigars beneath. The shiny stainless steel scissors are ready for the perfect cut. On top, the favorite loose cigars are presented. Below, hidden behind the doors, the cigar boxes are stored. A powerful humidifier provides the right relative humidity.

For over 135 years, the family-owned manufactory Gerber has stood for real German craftsmanship and artisan tradition. The result is a fascinating piece of furniture. Created with love for the wood.

Gerber Humidor


Nearly no limits are set to the creation of your personal Gerber humidor. Your humidor should adapt itself optically in the furnishing or stand out from the rest? We cannot take the decision from you. 

However, we hope with our material overview to stimulate your imagination.

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Gerber Humidor


The equipment for a Gerber humidor is constantly evolving. From cigar drawers, removable trays, electronic control of humidity to the golden key. Individual customer wishes are our passion. 

We turn some one-offs into standards because we are convinced our customers will love them just as much.

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Gerber Humidor

Our Production

Gerber humidors are hand-crafted in our own workshop. Each step of the process is undertaken with great care so that an elegant piece of furniture emerges from the raw material we gather for every piece.

Love for the material, great expertise and extreme care in processing are just some of our quality features. 

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Gerber Humidor

Humidor Quality

Our commitment to quality is simple: We only use certified raw materials, high-tech equipment, Spanish Ceder (Cedrela Odorata) interiors, and exacting standards during production. Each fitting is hand selected and carefully tested. 

We work only with materials that is resistant to the humidity in the humidor. 

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Perfect cigar storage

Humidification and ventilation in the humidor

Cigar connoisseurs know. The correct storage of a cigar is a prerequisite to ensure its preservation over a longer period of time. Two essential aspects play a major role in this. First the humidification and second the ventilation inside the cigar cabinet. Cigars need a constant relative humidity. This should lie between 68% and 75%. Tropical air so to speak. If the humidity in the humidor were too high, the cigars would start to mold and you would have to throw them away. A too low humidity again would have to consequence that the stored cigars would dry out and thus would be fragile and inedible. In order to counter these problems, all our humidors are equipped with an electronic humidification system which is equipped with a humidity sensor and no longer works with a hygrometer, thus a higher accuracy and better measurement results with lower maintenance density is achieved.
This system measures the humidity in the humidor at regular intervals. If, for example, the lid of the humidor is opened, a part of the humidity escapes. After the lid is closed, the humidor humidification system automatically switches on and quickly compensates for the loss of humidity. In this way a regular humidification of the cigars is guaranteed. We are specialists in the production of cigar humidors and have been able to use this experience frequently as a cigar lounge manufacturer.

Dehumidification in humidors

In addition, this type of humidification is supplemented by a dehumidification system. It protects the cigars from excessive moisture in the humidor. This module can be controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) and is equipped with additional stainless steel filters and folding systems. But that’s not all. In order to prevent a loss of quality of the deluxe smoked goods, they need more than just the right humidity in the ambient air. Particularly in large cigar cabinets, in which cigars are stored on several levels, care should be taken to ensure adequate ventilation and air circulation. For this purpose we offer special ventilation systems and filters for our humidor cabinets. This ventilation system supplies the cigars with fresh air at regular intervals.

Humidor Air Filter

Our special filters are used to keep the air in the humidor cabinet clean. They filter the ambient air at certain intervals and thus keep it clean of the smallest dust particles and hairs. Even fungal spores have no chance to spread in the cigar cabinet. You decide when these filters are to be used, because they can easily be programmed to a desired time if required. To perfect the whole thing, you can equip your luxurious humidor with our cigar boards. These cigarboards are specially made perforated bottoms made of stainless steel, set in a frame made of Spanish cedar or completely made of Spanish cedar. The Spanish Cedar, Cedrela odorata, keeps mould away from the stored cigars.
In addition, this high-quality wood perfectly stores the humidity blown in by the humidification system and releases it into the ambient air. By drilling ventilation holes in the bottom of the cigarboards, the air in the humidor can circulate sufficiently. Thus the cigars are ventilated also from below. In this way cigars can be stored in the humidor for a very long time.

So if you buy a Gerber Humidor cigar cabinet with a variety of accessories, nothing stands in the way of the perfect storage of your cigars. You buy your handmade Humidor directly from the manufacturer. We are a specialized carpenter’s workshop and have the right know-how for the production of your cigar humidor. We also have a wide range of expertise in the manufacture of furniture and installation solutions for your modern Cigar Lounge. If you are interested in a Humidor cabinet, you have come to the right address.

Gerber Humidor
The Marriott Hotel in Berlin equipped with a Gerber humidor and liquor cabinets in the same design. A complete wall equipment in a uniform design refines every Cigar Lounge worldwide. The combination of humidor with fine cigars is perfectly complemented by precious liqueurs and spirits from all countries of the world. Skilfully placed in the right light, the piece of furniture unfolds its full charm. Fine cigars separated by variety. Perfect aroma due to real Spanish cedar. Storage in our drawers for valuable single pieces and loose cigars. Drawers also available with nameplate for VIP customers. Gladly used by our customers with a Gerber Humidor for guests with taste and love for cigars. Made of solid Spanish cedar, handmade with traditional drawer guide. Many cigar lovers are also enthusiastic cruisers. Especially when it gets cozy and the vacation provides relaxation and time for nice things, a good cigar is a perfect pleasure. On TUI’s ships, Gerber humidors ensure that the cigar is stored in the right environment for the perfect smoke.
For aficionados worldwide, an original custom-made humidor from Gerber is the perfect addition to the precious cigar treasure. A handmade humidor crowns the pleasure with the perfect combination of optimal cigar storage, luxurious appearance and state-of-the-art equipment. Embedded in the aroma of Spanish cedar, the cigars can develop their unique taste.
The removable Serviceboard is the perfect companion for entertaining guests and good friends. Favorite loose cigars lie beautifully presented on aromatic Spanish cedar. Flanked with a stainless steel cigar cutter. The guillotine cut guarantees precise sharpness when cutting. Fidibusse of cedar provide a unique feeling when lighting the noble cigars.
In the traditional family hotel in Heidelberg, the Smokers Lounge invites you to enjoy fine smoked goods. Dark wooden floors, comfortable Chesterfield sofas crowned with a Gerber humidor, invite you to linger. Cigar lovers are free to store their own treasures in a rented cigar drawer. Almost like having your own living room.
Gerber Humidors always have an individual and extraordinary design. We set no limits for ourselves or our customers. If someone wants their Humidor to be the same orange as their Lamborghini, we’ll do it. And the result speaks for the fancy taste and uniqueness of our customers. Noble cigars and spirits are staged in an exciting way.
The best place to feel good is your favorite spot for the finer things in life – like enjoying the smoke of a fine cigar. Here implemented from 2 cherry humidors, flanked on both sides with beautiful liquor cabinets. Real cherry wood combined with lots of glass and perfectly staged by the right lighting. A perfect scene to waste a day and entertain friends in style.
Humidor quality and variety

Jewels for cigars of the highest quality

Our handmade humidors are characterized above all by their high quality and variety. By a selection of different and high-quality materials the design of the Humidor can be adapted individually to the desires of the customer, a custom-made Humidor is a special luxury for lovers of valuable furniture. Those who like it natural have the possibility to choose from over hundreds of different, high quality woods. For example the wood of the olive tree or the oak. But also other high-quality materials with excellent quality are available for the exterior design of the cigar humidor. Modern Parapan for example captivates by its noble high gloss optics and offers an impressive sight. Or should it rather be something less striking optically but just as aesthetic? Then the choice of Corian or Carbon is the best choice. A coating of 23 carat double ducat gold is also possible. We also offer a large selection of colours and finishes for every material.

Quality also from the inside

As manufacturers of humidor cabinets and cigar lounges, we exclusively use Cedrela odorata, the so-called Spanish cedar, for the interior of our custom-made humidors. This quality wood is ideal for storing all cigars. It supports the cigars not only during the maturation and their aroma development, it can also absorb existing moisture very well. It also protects against pests such as tobacco beetles and fungal attack. No other wood would be better suited for a handmade humidor from the Gerber manufactory.

What size humidor can it be?

We offer our humidors and each cigar cabinet in many different sizes and designs. From the table humidor to the built-in cigar cabinet as a complete cabinet system. But also special designs are possible. Thus, the size of the cigar storage can be individually adjusted to the quantity of cigars and makes the luxurious humidor a unique piece.

Handmade treasure chests for cigars

In order to guarantee the quality of our cigar cabinets, every single piece is handmade in our own workshop. For this reason you will not find our collector’s items for aficionados in any shop – the personal consultation is included with us and our customer service is happy to be there for us. Please ask us directly for the prices for our unique pieces – they vary a lot according to equipment and decor of the individual cabinet.
With a Gerber Humidor you buy quality at the highest level.

Wood is a natural product

Wood is a natural product, which can show colour differences and growth-related irregularities. Variations in structure and colour between parts of a humidor or compared to other humidors made of the same material are a quality feature of real wood. Growth, colour, structure and grain are unique to every tree and make every tanner humidor unique!

The colour of the wood surface can change due to the effect of daylight and especially sunlight. Some woods become lighter, others darker. Digital illustrations on our Internet pages, imprints in brochures as well as wood samples provided for you always serve only as reference points and do not represent any assurance. Deviations are possible and permissible; each woodwork has a typical colour and structure width, within which colours and grains can be individually different and which make this natural product unmistakable.

The care of your humidor

To clean the humidor we recommend to remove hair, dust and other particles with a damp cloth. If possible, use distilled water. Please do not use cleaning agents that have a smell of their own. Try to use these cleaning agents only in extreme emergencies and then ventilate the humidor thoroughly so that the rich aroma spectrum of a cigar is not damaged. To clean the outside of the humidor, please use only dry, soft microfibre dust cloths or, in the case of larger impurities, use moist, not dripping wet cloths. Do not use sharp, aggressive cleaning agents. To protect the surface against water, cleaning agents, grease, etc., deep surface damage must be repaired immediately.
Painted surfaces that have been provided with a PUR coating are very hard-wearing and do not require any special care. Only the general scratch sensitivity of painted surfaces must be taken into account when cleaning and caring for them. Dry, hard cloths or similar should not be used. Please use a fog-moist, soft cloth or a fog-moist microfibre cloth. For simultaneous cleaning and care, you can produce and use special aqueous solutions (please note the manufacturer’s product information). In addition to anionic surfactants, some care products also contain natural carnauba wax, which protects the lacquer surfaces against traces of use during cleaning and preserves the beauty of the lacquer surfaces for longer.
With the Humidor Ascension the glass hood can be cleaned from the outside with light glass cleaning agents, for cleaning purposes the glass hood may never be removed without our consent! Please contact us before you wish to carry out cleaning from the inside!
These data have advisory character and are based on best knowledge and careful investigations after the present state of the art. The technical information and safety data sheets of the respective manufacturer apply.
A legal obligation cannot be derived from these data! If you have any questions regarding cleaning, care and preparation, we will be happy to advise you.