GERBER carbinet humidor No.1 humidors

Humidor Number One

Tradition meets Modernity


As a freestanding cabinet humidor, the No. 1 is unmatched in size, function and features. It is a luxury cigar cabinet. It offers a two-shell construction system with an inner cabinet made of Spanish cedar (Cedrela) and an interchangeable outer cabinet. Therefore, it is possible to customize the No. 1 to best suit your needs. You will create a piece of art, both in design, as well as in function- a special cigar cabinet for your special tastes. This made-to-measure humidor is lined with Spanish Ceder. We buy our Spanish Ceder only of the best growing areas.
As with all Gerber humidors, this is a traditional piece, which proudly bears the stamp “Made in Germany”. We produce made-to-measure cigar cabinets and cigar lounges. However, the traditional appearance of this luxury cigar cabinet hides state-of-the-art technology, such as programmable logic control and a web-enabled interface, which allows you to access important data about your humidor via a smartphone app. This combination of beauty and technology makes the No. 1 the perfect storage unit for your high-quality cigar collection. If you wish something for eternity buy your new luxury humidor with us.