Humidification Gerber Humidor


Optimal humidity for perfect enjoyment

No matter which model you choose, a humidor in conjunction with our integrated electronic humidification and de-humidification systems protect your cigars as effectively as possible. The corresponding cigar boards are designed such that the cigars, even if the humidor is full, are continuously exposed to a constant level of relative humidity. High-precision humidity sensors constantly measure the relative humidity inside the humidor. If the relative humidity becomes too low, an electric fan automatically engages and evenly distributes moisture inside of the humidor until the desired level is reached.

In order to control fluctuations in the relative humidity, the dehumidifying module perfectly complements the electronic humidification of the Gerber humidor. The automatic de-humidification is controlled by an additional actuator relay or by the programmable logic controller (PLC) and implemented through additional fans and a damper system made of stainless steel. The fans are lined with Spanish Cedar and visually match the design of the cigar cabinet.

Whether you open your humidor frequently or you leave it closed for long periods of time: neither is a problem. The combination of massive Spanish cedar, the electronic humidification and dehumidification system, the custom air flow, and the ventilated cigar boards provide the best possible conditions for a constant relative humidity at all levels. We would be happy to assist you in choosing a humidor that best fits your needs and your smoking habits.

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