The humidor with the “Wow-Effect”


Your favorites in view

When it comes to the stylish presentation of a precious collection, the sight of the finest cigars showcased underneath a hydraulic glass enclosure is the ultimate in extravagance and appeal. With a touch of the remote, the glass case rises, revealing the cigars, perfectly displayed and illuminated, a well-guarded treasure. The removable Cigarboard doubles as a service tray, so that friends and guests can be individually served and share in the pleasure of the cigars.

There is now also the big brother from the Ascension in Large. Equivalent in the equipment, the Ascension Large is the model for huge collections. Under the glass dome of the Ascension, ultra-modern minerals are used. The flavor of the cigars and the spanish cedar will not affect. The customers like the unique feel and the special design of the mineral. The Ascension is the first model that has completely clad with this material.

GERBER since 1883

Our philosophy ist „Traditionally innovative“. Since 1883 we have been producing innovative furniture. We find the optimal decor for your humidor. In addition to our models, we also manufacture individual humidors, installed solutions and cigar lounges. These are designed according to your wishes. We look forward to your inquiries!

Gerber Humidore

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GERBER Humidor Ascension Innenraum

With immense variety of features


In addition to the glass case, the Ascension has a base cabinet. The interior can be closed air-tight so that the humidity remains inside.

True connoisseurs are well informed: every cigar box has individual dimensions. With moving elements the inner cabinet can be equipped – depending on the customers need. The C · Flex System facilitates individual arrangement of the interior space and practical distribution of the cigars. 

Drawers can also be used in place of cigarboards. The elements are made of special wood. Spanish cedar is the original humidor wood. The inner cabinet of the Ascension is lined with carefully dried Spanish Cedar (Cedrala odorata), complete with a perfect aroma. The door completes the entire cabinet with style. The door is fitted with a continuous seal and multi-point locks in order to keep your cigar collection safe and secure.

GERBER Humidor No.1 Duft der spanischen Zeder

The original humidor wood


From time immemorial, the wood of Cedrela has been used to make humidors. The aromatic essence of Spanish cedar is very close to that of tobacco. There is no wood, which would be considered more appropriate to store cigars in.

Spanish cedar (botanical term “cedrela odorata”) is against the name not a conifer it is a deciduous tree. Spanish cedar does not originate from Spain as one might assume but is generally imported from Brazil and other countries of South and Central America. The aromatic tree is a relative of the real mahogany and the name is probably derived of the external appearance. It’s not just the wonderful aroma that makes the Cedrela the perfect tree for the constructions of humidors, but it also has several other natural properties that are beneficial.

The special elements in and taste of the wood protect the cigars from tobacco worms and fungus which would otherwise easily creep out of the wood and onto the cigars. The wood itself is difficult for water to saturate, but it does retain moisture for a long time and therefore has a regulating effect.

GERBER Humidor Ascension Cigarboards

Cigars need to breathe


The removable Cigarboards of the Ascension are completely adjustable according to demand in position and height and they can be tilted. Freely adjustable beams allows individual gaps between the boards. The cigarboards are handmade and more items can be ordered. The concealed LED light will move along with the cigarboards and puts your cigars any time perfectly in scene.

Stainless steel perforated plates, framed with solid Cedrela, are ideal for the storage of cigar boxes and cabinets. They provide a uniform air flow on all levels. The stainless steel base is sturdy and simply elegant. With the frame and base both made from solid Cedrela, it is ideal for the storage of individual cigars and boxes. Ventilation holes in the base allow the air to circulate evenly throughout the humidor and ventilate the cigars from below. Both the circulating air vents and the use of solid Cederal prevent mold.Because Cedrela absorbs moisture so well, relative humidity is quickly restored, even with frequent opening of the lid.

The cigar board “Special” is outfitted with the Flex compartments and solid Cedrela pins. Upon request, we provide additional support slats for an even greater air circulation and for protection against a rare but possible resin bleed from the Cedrela wood.

GERBER Humidor Ascension Schubladen

Separate your exclusive varieties by flavor


For the serious collector, the Cedrela lined drawers that can be integrated into the humidor represent the best way to sort your valuable cigars by brand and by flavor. The drawers complement the open Cigarboards which serve the visible presentation of the cigars. They are made and finished carefully by hand, completely made from Cedrela odorata. The drawer runners working with a wood-to-wood system produce in a traditional manner, smooth by hand-grinding in many steps. We use no handles or nobs for the drawers, only recessed grips for the real contact with the wonderful wood.

The dimensions of the drawers can be easily chosen and adjusted to fit the various kinds of cigars in your collection and the space available in the humidor.

To keep distance to the walls is very important for the air circulation. This will be further supported with the holes in the base of the drawer. The holes are also used for the C · Parts und C · Pins, our partitioning elements. The planks and pins are made from Cedrela odorata. The drawers can be divided in smaller areas to sorting the cigars after aroma and taste.

Regardless of the configuration you choose, you will still get the same great humidification.



GERBER Humidor Ascension Serviceboard

Offer customers and friends something very special


Passion in itself is something that one must always wish to share with others and which also ought to be shared. So it behaves also with the enjoyment of a classy cigar. A cigar will like to be felt and smelled, shared and discusses with a good friend.

With the removable Serviceboard you have the perfect item to display your select cigars. A warm and stylish atmosphere increases the pleasure each fine cigar. Present them to your customers or friends in a relaxed environment, in the Cigar-Lounge, or by a fireplace at home on genuine Spanish Ceder.

Our Serviceboard from Cedrela offers a fitted recess for Fidibusse from Cedrela for the perfect smoke. The razor-sharp cigar scissors with guillotine grinding is provided if requested. Our 100% Cedrela Serviceboard, with its unique Flex dividers for separation of flavors and varieties is a must-have for every passionate aficionado.

Gerber Humidor Ascension C Flex System

With system for perfect presentation


The secret of our arrangement system is the combination of flexibility and the simple handling. The ventilation holes are the basis – each shelving uses the same holes – even at the Cigarboards, the drawers and for the Serviceboard. The boreholes are evenly drilled after an approved drilling scheme. For the smooth surface, they have been polished and after treated by hand. They ensure two things: the air circulation and the constant usage of the C-Flex System across all sectors of the humidor.

The plug-in connections follows a simple but proven idea. Wood-to-wood and turned by hand the pins and planks made from Cedrela odorata doesn’t require any additional holder. The high quality standard of material and good workmanship is maintained. By reason of the different sizes of the elements the inner space can easily adjusted.

The varied dimensions of the cigars and his boxes are perfectly mapped in the system. You can separate the cigars after home country, variety, aroma – whichever  you prefer. Cigar aging  (for a longer period) sustains to phases out bitter substances and ammonia. Following that the cigars are ready for the “Marriage of Cigars”. Some of our customers appreciate the new taste and aroma, if the Tabaco oil of different cigars will be mixed. If that is your meaning, you can put your favored cigars with the same strength together in one space. But beware, not every cigar is suitable for cigar aging. Some of them loose there aroma and the flavor will less substantial. One rule of thumb: especially strong cigars and such ones that smells not satisfactory in a non-lit condition, can be suitable for cigar aging.


GERBER Humidor Ascension Technik

Cigars need protection and fresh air


With our integrated electronic humidifiers, your cigars are well protected both in the glass case, as well as in the cabinet of the Ascension.

A humidor in conjunction with our integrated electronic humidification and de-humidification systems protect your cigars as effectively as possible. The corresponding cigar boards are designed such that the cigars, even if the humidor is full, are continuously exposed to a constant level of relative humidity. High-precision humidity sensors constantly measure the relative humidity inside the humidor. If the relative humidity becomes too low, an electric fan automatically engages and evenly distributes moisture inside of the humidor until the desired level is reached.

In order to control fluctuations in the relative humidity, the dehumidifying module perfectly complements the electronic humidification of the Gerber humidor. The automatic de-humidification is controlled by an additional actuator relay and implemented through additional fans and a damper system made of stainless steel. The fans are lined with Spanish Cedar and visually match the design of the cigar cabinet.

Whether you open your humidor frequently or you leave it closed for long periods of time: neither is a problem. The combination of massive Spanish cedar, the electronic humidification and dehumidification system, the custom air flow, and the ventilated cigar boards provide the best possible conditions for a constant relative humidity at all levels.


GERBER Humidor Ascension Glaskuppel

Hydraulic showcase


Not only is the glass enclosure of the Ascension incredibly eye-catching, but the technical implementation of the pure glass cabinet is excellent. The glass is sanded on all sides to precision mitered edges and glued together without any trace. The showcase will raise and lower silently, operated by remote control.

The puristic looking glass perfections the timeless design of the humidor. The interaction of art and handcraft is showing in the extraordinary design and production of the glass dome. The overall appearance is modern and unique and the joining of the segments is barely seen with an eye. With a touch of the remote, the hydraulically powered glass case rises, revealing the cigars, perfectly displayed and illuminated, a well-guarded treasure. With the cabinet is closed, the ascension is 120 cm high – when open, the high of the ascension is 158 cm. For private customers or cigar lounge visitors the Ascension offers the unique combination of presentation and storage. In a comfortable atmosphere, you can serve your cigars to other collectors, friends and enthusiasts by an individual way – perfect in form and design: the removable Serviceboard provides spills in a small opening made from Spanish Ceder. Furthermore, a high-quality cigar-scissor with the perfect cut in a suitable gap.

The host can take out the equipped Serviceboard and enjoy with his guests the well-deserved cigars.



GERBER Humidor Ascension Beleuchtung

Cigars in the right light – for an atmospheric presentation


To design and install a beautiful lighting was a very important issue for us. We are following in the tradition of luxury furniture manufacturing. A piece of furniture should please the eye and enhance the environment. Classical timeless design, high-quality materials and indirect light are essential components.

We combine two expectations towards the light: the illumination of the environment and the illumination of the cigars. Upon request, we can install and combine multiple lighting systems inside the humidor.

Upon request, we can install and combine both systems for the Ascension. A special configuration is the light underneath the glass dome of the unique Gerber Humidor. Two especial glow sticks in an elegant design can be installed on the inner ring of the glass cabinet. During the humidor lifts his glass dome and presents his precious collection the sticks are lifted up together with the inner cornice. If the glass cabinet is closed the humidor is softly illuminated.

In the cupboard underneath of the glass cabinet another lighting system can be installed. The light for the Cigarboards are mounted underneath the shelves and creates an atmospheric glow. The custom made LED-line modules are also completely sealed and moisture-resistant. The LED lights are highly energy-efficient. Due to the special mounting of the Cigarbords on the side of the humidor, the light is clearly visible, regardless of how many individual boards are attached.


GERBER Humidor Ascension Kranz



The lower edge of the glass-dome is surrounded from an inner and external cornice. The inner cornice is located under the glass. The Serviceboard, made from Spanish Ceder, is housed in the center of the cornice when the humidor is closed. The external cornice enclose the glass-dome and completes the base cabinet. The base cabinet and the external cornice of the pictured Ascension are covered with the luxury wood „Palisander“ (commonly known as „Rosewood“). The inner cornice is faced with a layer of HPL Laminate (High Pressure Laminate), in this example in the color turquoise.

The inner cornice is below under the glass dome and as a consequence in the near of the luxury cigars. Therefore, we only use materials that contains no lacquer or other unwanted fragrances. Alternative for HPL we could offer high-classy materials like mineral and acryl materials. Contrary to the inner space, the outer cornice can freely designed with all possible materials. Consistent to the material of the base or accented in wood, HPL, Parapan or Corian. Naturally, the whole humidor can be designed in the high tech materials.

Video of the hydraulic glass dome

The humidor with the Wow-Effect – GERBER humidor Ascension

In the video you can observe the up and down movement of the hydraulic glass dome. This is conveniently done by remote control.


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The display case, as well as the cabinet of the Ascension is uniformly and consistently regulated by an electronic humidifier. The inner cabinet of the Ascension is lined, like all Gerber humidors, with Spanish cedar (Cedrala odorata). The exterior finish of the cabinet can be individually selected and designed, according to the wishes of the customer. The humidor has a Corian® decor. 

Humidor Ascension - equipment