GERBER Humidors Serviceboards


Offer customers and friends something very special


A warm and stylish atmosphere increases the pleasure each fine cigar. Present them to your customers or friends in a relaxed environment, in the Cigar Lounge, or by a fireplace at home on genuine Spanish Ceder. Our Serviceboard from Cedrela offers a fitted recess for Fidibusse from Cedrela for the perfect smoke. The razor-sharp cigar scissors with guillotine grinding is provided if requested.
Our 100% Cedrela Serviceboard, with its unique Flex dividers for separation of flavors and varieties is a must-have for every passionate aficionado.

GERBER Humidors Serviceboards size

Passion in itself is something that one must always wish to share with others and which also ought to be shared. So it behaves also with the enjoyment of a classy cigar. A cigar will like to be felt and smelled, shared and discusses with a good friend. With the removable Serviceboard you have the perfect item to display your select cigars. An individual engraving can also be placed on request.