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    Reliable cigar storage and unique furniture design

  • Gerber Humidor

    The cigar cabinet CigarArt is made of high-quality Spanish Cedar, which can enhance the aroma of the cigar

  • Gerber Humidor

    Cigars taste best when they are perfectly stored. The CigarArt offers cigar storage at the highest level


    Humidor `CIGAR ART´ with an artful designed framed door

    The CigarArt is an adaptable piece of art, well prepared for the storage of cigars. The Gerber humidor will keep your cigars safe at constant humidification. Your real treasure are visible for you and your guests in a unique manner.

    A very special feature:

    The doorframe of the humidor can be designed in various versions, whereby the piece of furniture will evolve into an individual and essential accessory. Please see the styles in the images on this side. From minimal beauty to pure opulence – everything is possible.


    Our new humidor comprises a base, a corpus and a frame. The surface finish can have a uniform design or can be consciously different. Due to the three components, there is a creative mix between different materials possible. The exquisite materials for the shape including different kind of luxury woods. The veneer sheets are composed by hand to a distinctive veneer pattern. Alternative the humidor can be lacquered in different colors.

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    Humidor Cigar Art - Design Examples
    Perfect cigar storage

    Humidification and ventilation in the humidor

    The frame of the humidor is also the door. He is not disturbed by any lock or hardware. This allows you to create unique design images. The shelves are made of real Spanish cedar. This gives off the best aroma to make luxurious cigars mature even better. The perforations guarantee the air circulation in the humidor. The trays can be positioned straight or inserted at an angle.


    Humidity in the humidor is measured by an electronic sensor of the highest precision. The sensor reacts to any change and the electronic control can respond immediately with humidification or dehumidification for the perfect climate of wonderful cigars.