Humidor with an artful designed framed door


The CigarArt is an adaptable piece of art, well prepared for the storage of cigars. The Gerber humidor will keep your cigars safe at constant humidification. Your real treasure are visible for you and your guests in a unique manner.

A very special feature:

The doorframe of the humidor can be designed in various versions, whereby the piece of furniture will evolve into an individual and essential accessory. Please see the styles in the images on this side. From minimal beauty to pure opulence – everything is possible.

Our new humidor comprises a base, a corpus and a frame. The surface finish can have a uniform design or can be consciously different. Due to the three components, there is a creative mix between different materials possible. The exquisite materials for the shape including different kind of luxury woods. The veneer sheets are composed by hand to a distinctive veneer pattern. Alternative the humidor can be lacquered in different colors.

CigarArt – the name says it:

Our new humidor CigarArt is the liaison between pleasure and art. Your pleasing treasure of cigars is well protected with our proven technology. The frame gives the humidor individuality and a certain flair like a frame for a great painting. A picture frame in an artful design for a great appearance.

CigarArt Goldrahmen GERBER Humidor


Based to our Artline, our new model can be formed in cooperation with different artists. For it, the outside cover can be sent to an artist who can improve the surface of the humidor. By the different creation possibilities of the door and the matching frame, the humidor CigarArt is incomparably changeable. Modern and straight-line in combination with a high-end mineral material harmonized perfectly with the work of contemporary artist or with graffiti-artists. A work-of-art makes your personal humidor to an unmistakable furniture item.

We are pleased to advice you!

Design samples

CigarArt GERBER Humidor

CigarArt schwarz mit goldenen Rahmen GERBER Humidor

The first CigarArt was made for a hotel in Abu Dhabi. The humidor is made of dark wood, matching the interior of the hotel. After a first pre-selection, the customer could decide on the spot on the basis of samples sent. Together with the hotel last equipment details have been clarified. The finished humidor was sent by air freight to its new owner.

The following CigarArt got a black paint instead of a precious wood. A special eye-catcher is the golden frame, which holds the large glass panel of the door. Structure and color are reminiscent of famous masterpieces of artistry and create a unique presentation stage for cigars. The golden frame in combination with the classic black lacquer gives the humidor an incomparable elegance.

The design possibilities are unlimited. We would be pleased to advice you!

CigarArt Innenraum GERBER Humidor

With unique equipment variety

Cigar lovers know that each cigar and its box have individual dimensions. With various movable elements, the large internal cabinet can be equipped according to customer requirements:

The C · Flex system allows cigar shelves to be divided, drawers are used for aroma separation and the removable service board is made for perfect presentation. Your collection is set in scene by mood lighting possibilities.

The interior and all its elements are made exclusively from Spanish cedar wood. Opening the humidor the complex aroma of the wood seduced; the anticipation of a beautiful cigar increases. The color of the wood is beautiful, very variable and ranges from bright orange to reddish brown.

GERBER Humidor No.1 Duft der spanischen Zeder

The original humidor wood

The interiors of our humidors are lined exclusively with Spanish cedar wood. Our experience confirms the conviction that from the Spanish cedar the best wood for interior fittings for high quality cigar cabinets is gained.

However, the trade name „Spanish cedar“ is slightly misleading, since the tree is neither a cedar nor a conifer. Botanically correct is the name Cedrela odorata for the species we use. The „fragrant cedro tree“ or English „Spanish Ceder“ is a relative of the real mahogany and it is a native deciduous trees in South America. The confusing naming is probably due to the growth habit and the external appearance of the tree, which were decisive for naming in earlier times.

The expensive Cedrela is often only used in demanding humidor construction, as the wood supports the cigars in their maturation and aroma development by their exclusive fragrance. The aroma spectrum of the Cedrela flatters the aromas of cigars and creates a unique and wonderful fragrance. An open Gerber humidor has a special fragrance thanks to the complete lining with Spanish cedar. The velvety fragrance increases the anticipation and the smoking pleasure is rounded off by a unique smell experience. The wood of the Cedrela can easily absorb the moisture present in the humidor and forms the natural basis for producing the constant humidity in the humidor’s inner cabinet. The stored cigars can mature over years and fully develop their taste. All of our humidors are equipped with Spanish Ceder inside, also the CigarArt.

CigarArt Cigarboards GERBER Humidor

Cigars need air

The removable Cigarboards of the CigarArts are adjustable and tiltable according to need and taste in position and height. Due to the individually displaceable supports on which the cigar boards rest, you have the opportunity to determine all distances yourself. Give larger boxes more space or decide to use more Cigarboards. The Cigarboards are made by hand and can be reordered.

A special highlight is the flexible inclination of the boards. You can decide on every single Cigarboard whether you want to tilt it or place it horizontally in the inside cabinet of your humidor. Design the interior of the CigarArts according to your wishes!

The lighting spreads atmosphere and moves with the Cigarboard, even if you move it. Whether horizontal or tilted, no matter what position in the inner cabinet. The concealed LED module moves with you and puts your cigar always perfectly in scene. The flexible Cigarboards have been specially developed for the storage of luxury cigars and cigar boxes. The perforated floor is an important prerequisite for the even distribution of humidity in the humidor, at the same time it forms the basis for the C · Flex system. The Cigarbords for the Humidor CigarArt are made of solid Cedrela.

GERBER Humidor Ascension Serviceboard

Offer your customers and friends something very special

Passion in itself is something that one must always wish to share with others and which also ought to be shared. So it behaves also with the enjoyment of a classy cigar. A cigar will like to be felt and smelled, shared and discusses with a good friend. With the removable Serviceboard you have the perfect item to display your select cigars. A warm and stylish atmosphere increases the pleasure each fine cigar. Present them to your customers or friends in a relaxed environment, in the Cigar-Lounge, or by a fireplace at home on genuine Spanish Ceder.

Our Serviceboard made from Cedrela offers a fitted recess for Fidibusse from Cedrela for the perfect smoke. The razor-sharp cigar scissors with guillotine grinding is provided if requested. Our 100% Cedrela Serviceboard, with its unique Flex dividers for separation of flavors and varieties is a must-have for every passionate aficionado.

CigarArt C-Flex GERBER Humidor

With system for the perfect presentation

The secret of our arrangement system is the combination of flexibility and the simple handling. The ventilation holes are the basis – each shelving uses the same holes – even at the Cigarboards, the drawers and for the Serviceboard. The boreholes are evenly drilled with an proved drilling scheme. For the smooth surface, they have been polished and after reworked by hand. They ensure two things: the air circulation and the possible usage of the C-Flex System across all sectors of the humidor.

The plug-in connections follows a simple but proven idea. Wood-to-wood and turned by hand the pins and planks made from Cedrela odorata doesn’t require any additional holder. The high quality standard of material and good workmanship is maintained. By reason of the different sizes of the elements the inner space can easily adjusted.

The varied dimensions of the cigars and his boxes are perfectly mapped in the system. You can separate the cigars after home country, variety, aroma – whichever  you prefer. Cigar aging  (for a longer period) enable to phases out bitter substances and ammonia. Following that the cigars are ready for the “Marriage of Cigars”. Some of our customers appreciate the new taste and aroma, if the Tabaco oil of different cigars will be mixed. If that is your idea, you can put your favored cigars with the same strength together in one space. But beware, not every cigar is suitable for cigar aging. Some of them loose there aroma and the flavor will less substantial. One rule of thumb: especially strong cigars and such ones that smells not satisfactory in a non-lit condition, can be suitable for cigar aging.


CigarArt Designerschlüssel GERBER Humidor

Unique luxury – sterling silver & precious wood

The eye-catching connections of metal and wood give the key its character. Timeless forms in particularly elaborate workmanship combine functionality and design. The key handle is designed to suit its use of solid precious wood, shapely he lies flattering in the hand. The fingers find support on the engraved silver ring, which playfully encompasses and holds the key in shape.

Also an engraving, according to your wishes – no matter if initials, names or family coats of arms – is possible.

The locking system with the spectacular designer key of the Gerber humidor CigarArt ensures a safe storage of your cigars in every respect. According to our philosophy, only in an airtight interior, the constant humidity and thus the basis of cigar storage can be reliably controlled. Based on this conviction, we have developed a special and innovative sandwich door system for our humidors. The interior of the frame is lined with solid Cedrela and decorated on the outside in the respective outer decor. The frame door with the large glass insert has a particularly solid construction. A robust and extremely high-quality multi-point lock guarantees the airtightness of the humidor. Quality can be found in every detail of a Gerber humidor.

GERBER Humidor TechnikOptimal conditions for the perfect enjoyment

Cigar connoisseurs know that constant humidity is what a humidor really needs. With our integrated electronic humidification and dehumidification system, your cigars can be optimally protected in the CigarArt. The relative humidity is measured by sensitive sensors and both too high and too low values ​​can be compensated. If the humidity is too low, moisture is distributed evenly in the humidor with the aid of the humidifier until the setpoint set by you is reached. The CigarArt uses a high-precision cold evaporator with high humidifier performance.

A fresh air valve allows the fresh air supply to be controlled manually so that the cigars are always supplied with fresh air even if the humidor is rarely opened. The supply of fresh air promotes the aromas and the maturation process of cigars.

GERBER Humidor CigarArt Lighting

Cigars in the right light – for an atmospheric presentation

To design and install a beautiful lighting was a very important issue for us. We are following in the tradition of luxury furniture manufacturing. A piece of furniture should please the eye and enhance the environment. Classical timeless design, high-quality materials and indirect light are essential components. We combine two expectations towards the light: the illumination of the environment and the illumination of the cigars. Upon request, we can install and combine multiple lighting systems inside the humidor.

In case of the Gerber humidor CigarArt we have chosen a combination of background light and light for the shelves. At the background we use protected LED stripes for a long living light. The LED light needs only a little bit energy and is environment-friendly. The light for the shelves is invisible installed beneath the cigarboards. And the really clever part: the light moves together with the shelves. So you can change the position of the shelves and the light will follow.


CigarArt Seitenverglasung GERBER Humidor

Glass panels for impressivly insights

In addition to the large glass pane embedded in the door frame, one small glass pane per side can be inserted into the body. The two further glass panes optimize the presentation of the cigars and put the collection skilfully in scene.

The glass panels on the side emphasize the clear lines of the design. In combination with the warm glow of the cigar shades and the back wall lighting, the pleasing wood of the Spanish cedar gives a foretaste of the precious cigars inside the humidor. The symmetrical arrangement of the glass panes also harmonizes with the modern design possibilities of the CigarArts. A special highlight are glass panes, which are flush-mounted in the sides. These stand out from classic designs and underline the versatility of the Gerber humidor CigarArt.

Equipment elements