One-off production of a humidor „Europäischer Hof Heidelberg“

Published on 12. November 2018 in General

From the idea to the finished humidor – implementation of a one-off production

The one-off production of unique pieces of furniture according to customer requirements is the core business of our family business Gerber GmbH for over 135 years. In craftsmanship, precious individual pieces are made to fit exactly, then and now. You will also find our many years of experience and competence as a cabinet maker in the Gerber Humidorbau.

Our humidors are an expression of individual style and design. Our aim is to combine our sophisticated and proven humidification technology for optimum cigar storage with the quality of handcrafted furniture to unique solutions.

A unique cigar cabinet for a cruising ship

The new MEIN SCHIFF 1 – a new era for a new ship

Published on 18. Mai 2018 in General

On May 11, the new MEIN SCHIFF 1 was baptized in the Port of Hamburg. The godmothers, beach volleyball Olympic champions Laura Ludwig and Kira Walkenhors wished the ship, crew and guests always a good trip. Currently, the new luxury cruise ship is between Norway and Denmark on a maiden voyage.

Father and son Cube GERBER Humidors

Father and son – the Cube is available in small and large

Published on 9. Mai 2018 in General

Family addition to the Cubeour smallest humidor model is available in two sizes since this spring – Father and son. For the first time our table humidor Cube has been produced smaller. We are proud to announce that the first son of the cube is currently traveling as a travel humidor in and around Hong Kong.

A base made of glass GERBER Humidors

Base made of glass as extension to your humidor

Published on 3. Mai 2018 in General

The Cube is a versatile piece of furniture and our smallest desktop humidor model. The humidors design is a reminiscence and recalls an exclusive treasure chest. Inside the humidor your special treasures are safely kept. An additional base made of glass, is an optimal extension of our humidor model.

Humidor with an opulent golden frame

Published on 18. April 2018 in General

Our newest humidor model shines in a new design. Plinth, base and corpus are lacquered subtle and directs the observer’s eye to the door of the humidor. This consists of an opulent golden frame and is a real eye opener.

New Year 2018 GERBER Humidor

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018

Published on 24. Dezember 2017 in General

We look back on a successful year 2017 and we would like to thank all our partners and customers for the trust and the successful cooperation. Last year we were able to introduce some great new innovations. 

swiss pear GERBER Humidor

Swiss Pear – humidors to your furnishing

Published on 18. Dezember 2017 in General

A GERBER humidor is always a unique craft, tailored to the needs of our customers. Our humidors are divided into custom-made and models. Our models are set in size and shape. For every humidor manufactured in our factory, the customer can choose the decor and the equipment itself. In close cooperation with our customers, an individual humidor is produced.  

glass engravings Gerber Humidor News

Elaborate glass engravings for your own humidor

Published on 11. Dezember 2017 in General

Every GERBER Humidor is one of a kind. Our humidors are just as unique and special as our customers. This GERBER humidor is also associated with a personal story and a very particularly wish. In search of a special birthday present for their father, the children of an Austrian cigar Aficionado became aware of our humidor model „Cube„.