Farben und Lacke

Paints and varnishes

The perfect finish in any color


The entire spectrum of the RAL color palette of azure to vermilion is available to choose for the design of the outer shell of a Gerber humidor.

In order to achieve a perfect surface, our humidors are sanded and finished by specially trained carpenters with years of experience. Before the first coat of lacquer can be sprayed onto the humidor, the wood must be carefully pretreated. An insulating agent seals the wood pores and imperfections, so that the varnish can not penetrate the wood. In order to achieve an even and flawless finish, up to eight layers of lacquer are applied. The lacquers we use are comparable to those used on black pianos and are highly sensitive. Even the slightest contamination of the air such as a single particle of dust, can destroy the final appearance. The ability to apply a perfect high-gloss finish is a fine art for every painter. It is particularly challenging and very complex. The special finish, the application of the lacquer, and the final polishing require a lot of time and precision during processing.

Gerber Humidore Farben

design examples