Built-in humidors GERBER Humidor

Installation solutions according to specified dimensions

For large and small collections


An individually designed Humidor installation solution adapts to the style of your existing furniture and space. You can add a bookshelf with a humidor or take advantage of an unused corner to highlight your large collection in a stunning fashion. As the manufacturer, it is our joy and our goal to implement our customer’s ideas. Each humidor is elaborately handmade. For the interior we only use Spanish cedar wood, which protects the aroma of the cigars and allows a storage over a long period of time.

Depending on the size of the installation solution, different possibilities to meet your particular needs are offered. For example, a large humidor can be equipped with integrated drawers, which is the best way for collectors to sort their valuable cigars by brand and by flavor. The dimensions of the drawers can be easily selected and adjusted to accommodate the variety of cigars and their location in the humidor. In the cigar lounge, these drawers can be labeled with attractive numbers or name tags and offer a save place for the VIP to store his cigars and enjoy the perfect smoke. Separately controlled humidification systems create perfect conditions for long-term storage (cigar aging) or immediate gratification. Gerber humidors are an expression of your personality, much more so than an ordinary cigar cabinet. Each humidor is made in our own manufactory.

Installation solutions for small collections

Installations solution for large collections