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Gerber Humidor for one of Dubais top 50 homes

The first humidor in blue custom made for one of the most beautiful 50 houses in Dubai. Please see the internet link to admire the interiors of the villa: The blue humidor fits perfectly into the blue room. It is something very special.

There are some steps in planning and work necessary so that the external appearances fit together afterwards. You have to imagine that the cigar cabinet was made in Germany, the furniture of the room perhaps in Dubai or elsewhere. The requirement is always that everything fits together afterwards as best as possible. Getting the humidor so perfect required great collaboration with our client, Nikki Bisiker Interior Design.

The color of the humidor

Our contact wanted the humidor in the same shade of blue as the walls of the room. As a reference, we were given a wall color in the desired shade of blue. The first thing we had to do was to get it on the European market. We found that even such small tasks can be challenging. Then, thanks to the Internet, we were actually able to order it from a small, international retailer. The first step to the blue humidor was done. We used the emulsion paint to hand paint a foiled MDF as a base. Almost like a house painter, but on a wood material.

The paint manufacturer

We then entrusted the sample we had made for the blue cigar cabinet to our experienced paint manufacturer. Using a so-called spectrophotometer, the paint manufacturer was able to perform a color analysis for our cigar cabinet. With the result, the manufacturer was able to produce a wood varnish in the color we needed. With this varnish we again produced a sample in our surface finishing. This sample we sent to Dubai, for the acceptance of our customer.

After approval by our customer, we were allowed to manufacture the beautiful humidor in stunning blue. It is equipped with cigar drawers for loose cigars; height adjustable shelves for boxes and of course an electronic humidification system and automatic dehumidification.