Variety, refinement & individuality

Nearly no limits are set to the creation of your personal Gerber humidor. Your humidor should adapt itself optically in the furnishing or stand out from the rest? We cannot take the decision from you. However, we hope with our materials overview to stimulate your imagination. Whether noble and rare wood, excluding materials like gold and carbon, the highly shining Parapan or the mineral material Corian with his unique haptics – no wish remains unfulfilled.

If you miss your desirable material or a design in our overview, get in touch with us. We are glad about your inquiry!

Passion to wood

Gerber Humidor working area

Love, passion and appreciation for wood are handed down from generation to generation and is lived. The unique raw material is worked on with craft art and traditional knowledge, so that the grown structures of the wood are emphasised and come to full effect. As a natural raw material wood is especially protection-worth. His protection and the lastingness of his production are close to our hearts.

Interior of the humidor

Spanish Cedar

The original humidor wood

The West Indian Zedrele (Cedrela odorata L.) is commonly known as Spanish cedar. However, this name is not quite right, botanically speaking. The Cedrela is not a conifer tree (a tree with needles), but rather a deciduous tree (softwood). The name was derived from the Spanish word „Cedro“.

Decor of the humidor

Woods & Veneers

Precious woods of the world

Among the things that these fine woods are known for are: a beautiful and expressive color, striking color contrasts, amazing veins, and other unique embossing effects, especially when compared to “normal” appearing wood. Other characteristics of the wood include a noticeable heft, a high-density, a special resistance to pests, rarity, and a high value. The native or exotic woods can be customized to match the furniture in your apartment or serve as a conversation piece in a room.

Paints & varnishes

The perfect finish in any color

The entire spectrum of the RAL color palette of azure to vermilion is available to choose for the design of the outer shell of a Gerber humidor. In order to achieve a perfect surface, our humidors are sanded and finished by specially trained carpenters with years of experience.


Regal in appearance – singular in feel

Our high-tech material Corian® by DuPont impresses by its various processing techniques and unimagined possibilities. Whether it’s for an unconventional Ascension humidor or for the small Cube, the longevity, durability, and easy care of Corian ® is as essential as the unparalleled attractive matte finish, the silky surface, and the unique feel.


Glossy with a thousand reflections

The smallest beam of light reflects off the pristine surface of the Parapan © and makes the Ascension shine. The solid colored exterior stands out due to a unique high-gloss and immediately puts the viewer under its spell.


The Formula One class for humidors

In Formula One racing, only the strongest and lightest materials used to build the fastest cars. Carbon fiber is the material of the future in both motor sports, as well as for the Gerber humidor. The outer shell of the limited edition we call “Carbon” is enhanced with real carbon, manually applied by specialists in several processing steps.


Elegance for eternity

Gold is the material of royalty. No other substance is as pleasing to the eye and luxurious to behold. With this exclusive surface, a golden humidor is a real eye-catcher. A specialist carefully applies ten layers of different primers to the surface with a badger hair brush until the gold luster appears.