Smoke rises

And the scent of a fine cigar fills the room – like a good idea

Despite several obvious differences in personality, people like Thomas Mann, Sigmund Freud, and Winston Churchill all shared a common passion: each one of them appreciated a good cigar and celebrated the enjoyment of smoking. For them, only the best would do. And the best requires a lot of time, love, and care. Only in this way can a cigar, like a fine wine, mature to its highest level. We develop humidors to these exacting requirements.


gerber humidor - hand made germany

Our recipe

Years of experience combined with expertise on the subject of wood.

The result

First class humidors of Gerber


To make an optimal humidor for every customer.

Harmony from both inside and out, make a Gerber humidor something special. We connect with the smoke of a cigar not only for the sake of enjoyment, but also because it’s a way of connecting with a beautiful life – just take some time and let your senses guide you. Our philosophy is based on our years of experience and high quality requirements – with this principle we create unique humidors.

GERBER Humidor Spanish Cedar

GERBER Humidor Designer Key

GERBER Humidor Carbon inner space