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Humidor CigarArt in Rosewood

Made of unique rosewood, the Gerber Humidor CigarArt with a framed door like a work of art has found its new home in the USA. A converted trailer, a so-called Spartan Aircraft Trailer, is now the new home for this beautiful cigar cabinet. But not only that, it is also a gem and retreat for the cigar loving humidor owner, his guests and friends. You are also welcome to take a look: We think that the interior of the trailer is really wonderfully designed and the compositions of interior fittings, furniture and accessories are really successful. We would like to draw your attention once again to the frame of the humidor: The grain of the unique rosewood veneer runs through all 4 sides of the frame door. The fact that the grain of the veneer meets at all miters is true craftsmanship.


We always try to get the best out of the wood. To do this, we take each sheet of veneer individually in our hands, lay them together and see how the joints meet best. Still, it’s wonderful when it comes out as well as it did in this case. Especially with the beautiful Santos rosewood with its play of colors between brown, red and dark stripes, it creates a unique veneer look on the cigar cabinet. Here can you see it again: Gerber Humidor CigarArt


Humidification in the cigar cabinet is electronically controlled. A highly sensitive humidity sensor measures the prevailing relative humidity in the humidor at short intervals. This data is simultaneously transmitted to the electronic control element. The digital display shows the actual value of the relative humidity. Using a simple control, the desired value can be changed in seconds. The value can be set exactly: for example 68.5% , 69%, 70.5% or 71% – your desired value is freely adjustable. To guarantee the balance, the dehumidification is also electronically controlled. If the value rises above the desired value, an air exchange is made in the system.