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Our humidor models


The first humidors that we have produced in our manufactory were all individual items, designed together with our customers. With our longstanding experience in the production of luxury furniture and humidors, we are able to produce some humidors that are of interest for a wider public. Bases on this unique items we have developed your different models in the last years.

Our models are set in form and size. For the individual design, our material library offers a wide range of different decors. We are able to compile variety of the possibilities together with our customers. Luxury woods, valuable metals, modern materials and the whole color spectrum is possible. Inside the humidors we use traditionally the original humidor wood, in common sense as Spanish Ceder. The extraordinary smell of the Cedrela odorata supports the aroma of the cigars during cigar aging and storage for a longer period. The equipment of the inner space can be equipped individually. For every model, there are a certain number of components that are appropriate to the size of the humidor. So you can choose depending to your collection.The heart of our humidors is the electric humidification system. The humidification system is a proprietary development by Gerber designed for our humidors. The humidifier can be combined with corresponding systems for dehumidification, filtration and fresh air. Every Gerber Humidor is a handmade piece of art. It is equipped with many loving details. For example individually designed keys and engravings. Equipped like this your humidor will be a personal collector´s item.

If you will not make a find at our models, please let you inspire from our made-to-measure productions. Concerning to dimensions, measurements and design we are flexible. We produce cigar cabinets tailor-made to your rooms. Built-in solutions for existing furniture or fully equipped cigar lounges with wine cabinets and whiskey lockers. We are delighted to fulfill your wishes. Customer Service is a personal matter and we looking forward to your telephone call or your e-mail.

Humidor No.1 GERBER Humidore

Number One

  • The freestanding head-high humidor is really a number one worldwide. The cigar cabinet is the biggest of our established models. The first of all was formed and created in close contact with a long-life customer. He wishes something unique, impressive and special for his luxury cigar collection. At the same time, our customer wishes high-end functionallaty and the best storage for his beloved cigars. The result was so impressive, that he came, we saw and the No. 1 was victorious. Until know it was the biggest and most exclusively of our humidor models. Unmatched in quality and equipment.
  • A very extraordinary feature is the additional touch panel. The Touch Panel controls the PLC of the humidor. Via Mobil App, you can control the values shown from at the Touch Panel. The screen can be placed in a stele made from the same wood as the humidor or in an existing furniture.
  • Dimensions: 220cm / 87inch x 109cm / 42,9inch x 70cm / 27,6inch (H x B/W x T/D)

Humidor Ascension GERBER Humidore


  • Our humidor Ascension is the piece of furniture with the eye-catching moving glass dome. The development was based on the idea of an extraordinary way of cigar presentation. In the spotlight stands the joy of collection cigars and the high regard to savor the finer things. The clear and pure glass dome emphasized the value of the high-classy cigars. The ideal surrounding for collectors’ items.
  • The Gerber humidor Ascension is available in two different sizes: Medium and Large
  • Medium: 120cm / 47,2inch x  80cm / 31,5 inch x 60cm / 23,6 inch (H x B/W x T/D)
  • Large: 120cm / 47,2inch x  110cm / 43,3 inch x 70cm / 27,6 inch (H x B/W x T/D)

Humidor CigarArt GERBER Humidore


  • The highlight of the freestanding humidor is the frame, which forms the shapely door and invites you to create an individual design. The design was inspired by opulent picture frames of classic masterpieces of art, hence the name Cigar „Art“. Opulent golden baroque frames are just as possible as purist avant-garde projects made of modern materials.
  • Particularly exciting and unique are frames designed by contemporary artists.
  • Dimensions: 195cm / 76,8inch x 65cm / 25,6inch x 55cm / 21,6inch (H x B/W x T/D)

Humidor Monolith GERBER Humidore


  • Our humidor Monolith keeps what the name promises: distinctive, ageless shapes. The design radiates grandeur, classiness and peace. A piece of art and craftsmanship as from a single mold. The layout of the humidor Monolith is genuine, cubistic and timeless like the handicraft itself. The warm colors of the luxury veneer form a visually pleasant contrast with the straight-lined character of the humidor.
  • The Monolith keeps its precious cigars under its imposing lid until the moment of relaxed enjoyment. On request, a glass panel with lighting can be embedded in the lid.
  • Dimensions: 120cm / 47,2inch x 56cm / 22inch x 42cm / 16,5inch (H x B/W x T/D)

Humidor Cube GERBER Humidore


  • Our Cube is a shapely table humidor, which sets with its comfortable size also smaller cigar collections in scene. Its design is reminiscent of an exclusive treasure chest, in the interior of which your special treasures are safely kept. On several levels, both loose cigars and cigar boxes are stored under ideal conditions. For extension, the cube can be set to a base.
  • Its timeless design, as well as the many different decors that are available, make each cube unique, for a lifetime of pleasure.
  • Maße: 35 x 51 x 32 Zentimeter (H x B x T)
  • Dimensions: 35cm / 13,8inch x 51cm / 20inch x 32cm / 12,6inch (H x B/W x T/D)

All about Humidors

Whether you are a cigar aficionado or just started to indulge yourself in the fine art of cigar smoking, your first step is to look for a humidor. Humidors keep moisture level and temperature on exactly the level that is needed to maintain the aroma of your cigars, cigarettes or pipe tobacco. Actually, that is only half the truth, because without proper humidification your investment in upscale rolled or loose tobacco will drop as fast as bitcoins tend to drop every other year.

Cigars that deserve their name are fine and delicate things. They are made with prudence and under carefully prepared conditions and have to be stowed in the proper environment to maintain their fine aroma. When taken out of their natural resting habitat they can dry out and virtually die in only a couple of hours, sometimes even faster. In heated or air conditioned environments for example this may happen really fast.

To prevent a more than regrettable loss of fine and expensive tobacco, you need a humidor. From travel humidors up to big cigar cabinets you will find your cigar stowing solution in many sizes and made from various materials. The purpose of a humidor is to keep the humidity at all times at the ideal level, keeping your cigars and cigarettes at the right temperature range and holding off the tobacco endangering rays of the sun.

A humidor is a storing device for your cigars that is designed for maintaining a controlled air flow as well as the right range in humidity and temperature. Humidors come in different sizes. Portable humidors can keep around 20 cigars and are quite handy to travel with. The most common humidors are desktop sized and are able to stow 25 to 500 cigars. Bigger versions come as cabinets or even walk-ins that can stow up to thousands of cigars.

For the interior of the humidor Spanish Cedar as choice of material is simply a must. The benefits of this particular wood originates from two important properties. Firstly, it won’t bend or warp from the high humidity inside your cigar locker. Even better, it absorbs and reemits moisture in an ideal way, so your cigars will not only maintain their flavor but even will mature to refined pieces of tobacco art over the time. Secondly, it won’t alter the flavor of your cigars and cigarettes, since Spanish Cedar is a fairly nonaromatic wood. An additional benefit comes from its cigar beetles repelling characteristic. As it keeps the heat inside at bay, the eggs from the notorious beetles are being prevented from hatching, thus keeping not only your cigars intact, but also the humidor itself.

Regarding the materials for the exterior you have a multifarious choice, depending also to the interior of your home and the place you want to place your new humidor. You can either keep a classic wooden look and choose from woods like cherry, oak or walnut or you can apt for more modern versions in carbon, Corian, Parapan or even combine your investment in tobacco with an investment in exterior gold.

With using a humidor you aiming for recreating and maintaining a tropical environment that is ideal for keeping your cigar treasures intact and in best smoking shape. For being able to reach that goal you need a proper storing device that incorporates a humidifying device. Most humidification devices are quite simple and easy to use. They range from sponge materials or little cases that slowly emit moisture. More modern ones are electronic devices that not only function better but also indicate when you have to add more water and have a hygrometer included.  If the respective humidor is placed somewhere in the house, where the ambient temperature is around 21 degrees Celsius or 70 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidor is solid enough to maintain the desired humidity of 68-74% inside the humidifying device creates, you got yourself a working humidor. Ideally a humidor is equipped with a humidity controlling gauge as well, so you may notice immediately, if the moisture levels inside change.

The reason is simple. Tap water contains quite a lot of minerals, bacteria, germs or other contaminants that are, although not harmful to us, dangerous for your humidor and stored cigars. Releasing them over your cigar humidifier has the effect that these contaminants sink into your precious tobacco delights as well as into the porous Spanish Cedar. The effects can be disastrous. The worst happens, when bacteria or mold start to multiply inside, since they find the perfect environment to do so inside your humidor. Using distilled water makes sure that no harm is done and that your cigars and the inside of your humidor stay pristine and clean.

If you bought a new humidor or haven’t used your old one for a while, it has to be seasoned before storing your cigars and cigarettes and the seasoning process should last at least 48 hours. In case of bigger cabinets the seasoning might take even a bit longer to stay on the safe side. Omitting the seasoning the yet too dry Spanish Cedar will actually start obtaining moisture from your cigars and dry them out in the process, which is definitely not the idea of a cigar humidifier. Conclusion: Give the Spanish Cedar time to absorb the necessary amount of humidity, before you start to put your cigars inside your cigar humidor cabinet. A perfect balance between absorbing and emitting moisture will be reached after 48 to 60 hours of seasoning.

Wet a new and clean sponge or piece of cloth with distilled water. Don’t use paper towels, if you do not want to leave a paper trail inside. Wipe down all the exposed wood on the inside of your humidor with the damp sponge, including lid, trays and dividers and be careful not to pour water inside the humidor or using an oversaturated sponge. After cleaning place the wet but not oversaturated sponge on top of a piece of cellophane or plastic bag on the inside and make sure the sponge doesn’t touch the wood directly. Now close the lid, fill the humidification device of the humidor and wait for 24 hours. Then repeat one more time. At the end of the second process your humidor is ready for use. Check the interior in any case. If the cedar is still damp, wait one more day before starting to put your cigars inside.

The main concern regarding where to put your humidor is likely to be the temperature, since the moisture is already controlled by the incorporated humidifier. As mentioned above you should try to put it in a place, where the ambient temperature is around 21 degrees Celsius or 70 degrees Fahrenheit. In warmer regions of the world this place might be the basement. In colder regions the living room might suffice. Although maintaining an ambient temperature at the perfect level the whole year through might be challenging nonetheless. If you want to stay flexible and perfectly assured, a temperature controlled humidor might be the right choice for you. In other cases moving the humidor relative to the seasons might also be an option.

5 Things to keep in mind:

  • Keep your humidor (and cigars) away from direct sunlight
  • Watch out for badly insulated walls, in which case the humidor shouldn’t make contact with the walls
  • Keep the humidor as far as possible from the vents of air conditioners
  • Avoid temperatures spikes to prevent the hatching of tobacco beetles

Use a thermometer to regularly check the temperature around the humidor

Quality is a must. You don’t want your cigars to dry out or battle a vicious tobacco beetles infestation. You want to aim for a reliable humidor that functions without fail and offers the best of quality. Also you want the humidor to blend in with you interior choice. The top choice for real cigar aficionados are personalized humidors. But you will find already exquisite specimens that might fit your bill, too. At Gerber Humidor we are dedicated to offer you the finest humidors and cigar cabinets available and ship worldwide. Choose from our ready available range of humidors or let us build you a fully individualized humidor with various options.

Meet the Gerber Premium Models

  1. Gerber Cube Humidor
    Simplistic and without frills. The Cube is pure art and gives your cigars a noble and protected place to mature. It has a volume of approx. 29 liters and features 2 cigar boards. You may choose from various premium woods for the exterior, so that it will blend in harmoniously with the rest of your interior. On top you will be granted a solid looking base to put the Cube directly into the limelight. You may choose the base in the same or in a contrasting color and will gain additional stowing space on the inside. A striking desktop humidor with an impeccable design.
  2. Gerber Monolith Humidor
    An ode to purity and exclusivity. Made in a divine monolithic shape from one single piece this humidor is a celebration of finest components and faultless manufacturing art. Only the finest woods are allowed for its creation. The Monolith features a two-parted design. The top is decorated with a large glass lid that may be upgraded with a subtle lighting to provide your choice of cigars an eye-catching pedestal. Below the upper part you will have access to a larger cigar cabinet that will keep your finest tobacco specimens under safe conditions – always and for many, many years to come. The base cabinet even can be locked air-tight to preserve the needed moisture level for long periods without further care. An excellent choice for every tobacco enthusiast.
  3. Gerber Cigar Art Humidor
    You know it and we know it: each single quality cigar is a piece of art. Carefully selected leaves, hand-rolled under optimum conditions and brought to flavor-bloom as a delicate flower is something that needs time, skill and dedication. Consequently it is more than reasonable to present each individual piece of refined tobacco art in the appropriate way. The Gerber Cigar Art Cabinet is a choice you won’t regret. It puts you cigars and cigarettes on fine display, in an elegant way that would spark every curator eyes. The fundament is streamlined and provides the base for corpus and frame. The corpus is a supreme cigar humidor that is individually adjustable. The frame gives the installation the perfect outline and is also individually eligible. Note that all three parts are changeable in material and color. This gives you the option to create a truly unique personalized humidor.
  4. Gerber Ascension Humidor
    Be ready to reach the Olympus of fine cigar art. The Gerber Ascension is a state of the art humidor that would even please gods. The upper part consists of a 360 degrees show case that puts your most precious acquisitions perfectly illuminated on display. With a single touch on the remote you activate a hydraulic system that lifts the glass frame and gives access to the treasures underneath. The cigar board doubles as a service tray, so you may offer your guests personally their individual taste of heaven. Underneath the glass cabinet you will find a generously proportioned base cabinet for storing a wider range of cigars and cigarettes. The base cabinet is air-tight lockable to keep the desired humidity over a long period of time without having to take extra care.

Gerber Number One Humidor
Meet the peak of the Gerber Premium Models. This cigar humidor cabinet is a league in its own and satisfies even the most demanding customers. Made from the finest materials, equipped with the most modern technology and outfitted with a multitude of stowing options this noble cigar humidor cabinet will take best care for all your cigars, cigarettes and pipe tobacco. The Gerber Number One Humidor remains unsurpassed, even today, and has definitely earned its place among the most exclusive humidors in the world. If you want the best, this humidor is your choice.

Thankfully the times of stagecoaches and Spanish galleys are behind us. The modern and safe transportation system of today allows you to buy your preferred cigar humidifier around the world and have it shipped to you by air freight in no time. Ultimately a humidor is a very personal piece of furniture and stowing device, which reflects the interior of your house and the individual shades of your personality. That is also the reason why many cigar aficionados choose a personalized humidor. Coming back to the question “Where to buy a humidor near me?” the answer is most likely a mouse click away!