Maßanfertigungen GERBER Humidor

Tailor-made humidors

Customized humidors, built-in humidors & cigar lounges


GERBER tailor-made humidors are always a personal piece of furniture in its individuality. In addition to our models, which are determined in shape and size, we also offer custom made humidors to order. These are specially designed for each customer. Numerous equipment details make your GERBER humidor unique. A humidor manufactured by us is much more than a functional storage place for cigars; his sight is to please you even after years.

The possibilities to assemble a humidor are inexhaustible. We manufacture tailor-made humidors of all shapes and sizes, built-in humidors for use in existing interiors, and complete cigar lounges for your exclusive smoking room. An individually designed humidor optically adapts to your existing furniture and furnishings. You can supplement a bookshelf with a humidor, equip an unused corner, or have a large facility built in to effectively display your cigars. Combinations with spirits cabinets, hi-fi shelves or library solutions are possible at any time. Depending on the size of the humidor, different individually tailored equipment options are given. Large cigar cabinets may e.g. equipped with integrable drawers. This provides for collectors of many valuable cigars the best way for a sorting of the brands and for the aroma separation. The dimensions of the drawers are arbitrary and can be adapted to the different cigar formats and of course to the place in the cigar cabinet.

In the cigar lounge, these drawers can be provided with noble number or name plates and offer the VIP guest a safe haven for his cigars and the perfect smoke. Electronically controlled humidification systems offer perfect conditions for long-term storage – CigarAging – and for regular enjoyment. GERBER tailor-made humidors are an expression of your personality and much more than simple cigar cabinets. As a true manufactory, it is our pleasure and goal to realize your ideas.

Maßanfertigungen Uhrenbeweger GERBER Humidor

Tailor-made humidors

Create your own humidor with us. Size and shape can be adapted to existing inventory. We manufacture tailor-made humidors after customers wish. Whether for the small niche on the shelf or the equipment of entire walls – the humidors are manufactured individually.

Maßanfertigungen Einbauhumidore GERBER Humidor

Built-in solutions

An individually built-in humidor adapts optically to your existing furniture and furnishings. When required we use the applied materials in the room. You can add a humidor to a bookshelf, take advantage of an unused corner, or have a large system installed to display your cigars.

Maßanfertigung Cigar Lounge GERBER Humidor

Cigar Lounges

An individually crafted humidor for cigar storage, a cleverly designed ashtray and a sip of a drink that blends in perfectly with the flavors of tobacco – the Cigar Lounge. You will receive the equipment and furniture of your Cigar Lounge completely from one source.

Equipment elements of our tailor-made humidors

The equipment elements of each GERBER tailor-made humidors can be put together individually for the customer. The possibilities to assemble a humidor are inexhaustible. The composition as well as the number of individual elements is freely selectable. We try – of course – to fulfill all wishes. For some elements, however, the body size is crucial. We manufacture humidors especially for your needs. Our handcrafted products can be customized by us individually to your premises.
Here you will find a compilation of our equipment elements. Personal advice and customer contact are our priority. We are pleased to create with you a very personal GERBER Humidor. We look forward to your inquiry!

Inner space

Technical equipment