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    Know-how, love for the material and many years of experience

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    The electronically controlled humidification works precisely and reliably.

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    Unique collectibles are waiting for delivery. Each humidor is tested before leaving production.

    Customized humidors, built-in humidors & cigar lounges

    Tailor-made Humidors

    Gerber tailor-made humidors are always a personal piece of furniture in its individuality. In addition to our models, which are determined in shape and size, we also offer custom made humidors to order. 

    These are specially designed for each customer. Numerous equipment details make your Gerber humidor unique. A humidor manufactured by us is much more than a functional storage place for cigars; his sight is to please you even after years. The possibilities to assemble a humidor are inexhaustible. We manufacture tailor-made humidors of all shapes and sizes, built-in humidors for use in existing interiors, and complete cigar lounges for your exclusive smoking room. An individually designed humidor optically adapts to your existing furniture and furnishings. You can supplement a bookshelf with a humidor, equip an unused corner, or have a large facility built in to effectively display your cigars. Combinations with spirits cabinets, hi-fi shelves or library solutions are possible at any time. Depending on the size of the humidor, different individually tailored equipment options are given. Large cigar cabinets may e.g. equipped with integrable drawers. This provides for collectors of many valuable cigars the best way for a sorting of the brands and for the aroma separation. The dimensions of the drawers are arbitrary and can be adapted to the different cigar formats and of course to the place in the cigar cabinet.

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    Requested by the customer

    Made-to-measure production

    In a cigar lounge, cigar drawers can be provided with noble number or name plates and offer the VIP guest a safe haven for his cigars and the perfect smoke. Electronically controlled humidification systems offer perfect conditions for long-term storage – CigarAging – and for regular enjoyment. Gerber tailor-made humidors are an expression of your personality and much more than simple cigar cabinets. As a true manufactory, it is our pleasure and goal to realize your ideas.

    For the best cigar storage in a quality cigar cabinet, ask the Gerber Humidor team. We take the time to advise you in detail. We know our stuff in terms of technology, material and design. As carpenters with more than 135 years of experience, we have already designed and manufactured individual humidors for (almost) all rooms and aficionados. The most expensive and best cigars need the best cigar storage possible worldwide.

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    Design Examples
    We love challenges

    Each project, each cigar cabinet, is custom made by us.

    An experienced carpenter for humidors takes over the manufacturing from A to Z. Real manufacture for the best quality cigar storage. A counter only for the best cigars in the world. This humidor is at home on the cruise ship „Mein Schiff 2“. In the center, the glass hood rises at the touch of a button, and the cigars are gently illuminated on the right and left. Wonderful humidors for cigar lovers make the room shine. From here they go to all countries of the world, for the perfect storage of precious cigars. True lovers‘ pieces that give pleasure for a lifetime. For large collections that have a high value, reliable storage for years is the most important thing. The electronic control provides reliable control. The proven humidification system requires little maintenance and provides the best climate.

    Humidor quality and variety

    Jewels for cigars of the highest quality

    Our handmade humidors are characterized above all by their high quality and variety. By a selection of different and high-quality materials the design of the Humidor can be adapted individually to the desires of the customer, a custom-made Humidor is a special luxury for lovers of valuable furniture. Those who like it natural have the possibility to choose from over hundreds of different, high quality woods. For example the wood of the olive tree or the oak. But also other high-quality materials with excellent quality are available for the exterior design of the cigar humidor. Modern Parapan for example captivates by its noble high gloss optics and offers an impressive sight. Or should it rather be something less striking optically but just as aesthetic? Then the choice of Corian or Carbon is the best choice. A coating of 23 carat double ducat gold is also possible. We also offer a large selection of colours and finishes for every material.

    Quality also from the inside

    As manufacturers of humidor cabinets and cigar lounges, we exclusively use Cedrela odorata, the so-called Spanish cedar, for the interior of our custom-made humidors. This quality wood is ideal for storing all cigars. It supports the cigars not only during the maturation and their aroma development, it can also absorb existing moisture very well. It also protects against pests such as tobacco beetles and fungal attack. No other wood would be better suited for a handmade humidor from the Gerber manufactory.

    What size humidor can it be?

    We offer our humidors and each cigar cabinet in many different sizes and designs. From the table humidor to the built-in cigar cabinet as a complete cabinet system. But also special designs are possible. Thus, the size of the cigar storage can be individually adjusted to the quantity of cigars and makes the luxurious humidor a unique piece.

    Handmade treasure chests for cigars

    In order to guarantee the quality of our cigar cabinets, every single piece is handmade in our own workshop. For this reason you will not find our collector’s items for aficionados in any shop – the personal consultation is included with us and our customer service is happy to be there for us. Please ask us directly for the prices for our unique pieces – they vary a lot according to equipment and decor of the individual cabinet.
    With a Gerber Humidor you buy quality at the highest level.