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    Humidor production in a family business in Germany for the best cigar storage

    Humidors for best Cigar storage

    For over 130 years, the family-owned manufactory Gerber has stood for real German craftsmanship and artisan tradition. The Gerber humidors are manufactured and assembled by hand in the company’s own workshop. The end result is that, through many time-consuming steps, a fascinating piece of furniture is produced, created with love for the wood, a very precious commodity, indeed.

    Hand Crafted

    Gerber employees, with their many years‘ experience in high-quality carpentry, contribute greatly to the humidor’s perfection. The selected woods are cut with high-precision using the latest machinery, milled and prepared for further processing. In order for the motion and locking systems of the cabinets to function silently and reliably at any time, each step is carefully checked before assembly. The humidor is precisely assembled with the most important tools of a carpenter in his hands. Only then is it possible to guarantee the high-quality standards of a Gerber humidor.

    For the interior of a Gerber humidor, only carefully selected and pre-dried Spanish cedar (Cedrela odorata) is processed. The outer shell of a Gerber humidor is designed according to the individual needs of our international customers. Precious woods are coated and polished in many layers until they are perfectly glossy or perfectly matte and satisfy the high demands of cigar lovers. We use many different materials, ranging from goldleaf to concrete and Carbon. The use of high-quality materials gives our designs a timeless look and and special aura.

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    Humidor production in a family business in Germany for the best cigar storage