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Humidor for the Newport World Resort Whiskey Library

When you make humidors by hand for over 20 years, you can fondly remember many beautiful cigar cabinets. There are some projects that are particularly memorable to us. Some were particularly beautiful, or sophisticated, or innovative – or all of the above. One of them will definitely be this humidor system:

The humidors for the Newport Word Resorts in Manila. Or more precisely, the Gerber Humidor cigar cabinets for the Whisky Library:

The rooms have become so large and so grand that one is almost at a loss for words. Or as Newport describes the project: the perfect place to discover new delights. One of the largest selections of whiskeys, rums and spirits from around the world. Cocktail and mocktail creations of various flavors are offered. All this in an ambience and design that is unparalleled.

Cigar cabinets for installation

We knew that we had to realize cigar cabinets for a very special building project. Therefore, the contact to our customers from the Philippines was particularly close in the run-up and we were in intensive exchange about design and function. The Gerber Humidor employee:s work in worldwide sales and offer a wide variety of communication channels: via the office phone and email, of course, but also via WhatsApp, Teams, Zoom or any other video conference option. We take the customer via video into our showroom and workshop where we can demonstrate our humidors live.

Special requirements for the Newport Whiskey Library

Of course, Gerber Humidor cigar cabinets are made in Germany in the usual unique quality. Equipped with the electronically controlled humidification and dehumidification. Durable, reliable and low maintenance. In addition, equipped with the most beautiful Spanish cedar wood inside. Flattering in scent for both man and cigar. A unique experience for the perfect cigar storage. For the outer shell, real mahogany was stained in the color matching the customer’s request. We work from wood samples and ship them worldwide to match the perfect tone for our customers.