Lighting Gerber Humidor


Cigars in the right light – for an atmospheric presentation

Upon request, we can install and combine multiple lighting systems inside the humidor.

The lighting system of the cigar board is installed underneath the boards and creates an atmospheric glow. The custom made LED-line modules are completely sealed and are shock and moisture-resistant. Our Power LEDs are highly energy-efficient. Due to the special mounting of the cigar board on the side of the humidor, the light is clearly visible, regardless of how many individual boards are attached.

To heighten the mood of your cigar presentation, a Gerber humidor additionally offers a lighting system called “Ambi-LED”. “Ambi-LED” lights are installed in the back of the cigar cabinet and they produce a soft luminescence that highlights the rich color of the Cedrela wood.

The light system provides indirect, atmospheric illumination, which is passed through a special optic fiber on the rear panel. You couldn’t ask for anything more striking than this. Gerber also offers this “Ambi-LED” technology in a color version, with red, white, and blue lights. The colors can be easily selected and controlled using the touch screen display of the No. 1.