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    Warm light provides atmosphere and the right view in the humidor

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    Specially potted and resistant to moisture, the LED lights bathe the cigars in a warm glow


    Cigars in the right light – for an atmospheric presentation

    Light is one of the most effective means of creating atmosphere and capturing a mood. It is indirect light that makes beauty really shine. Therefore, several lighting systems can be installed and combined in a Gerber Humidor.

    Our filigree lighting elements are insensitive to the humidity inside the humidor. To protect the well-protected cigars, we use UV-free light with minimal heat emission. Our power LEDs are particularly energy-efficient and resource-saving. In addition to the cigars, the Gerber Humidor shines in perfectly aligned lighting and makes you want more. Choose the right lighting for your humidor:

    Lighting for rear walls

    Gerber humidors with a spacious interior cabinet can be equipped with our sophisticated lighting system, the Ambi-Light, on request. This offers indirect, atmospheric light, which is attached by hand. Due to a special construction method, the lighting is elegantly concealed by wood and runs along the rear wall. In the interior the cigars are bathed in soft light. The professional lighting leaves nothing to be desired. Gerber also offers this technology in the Ambi-LED-Color version in red, blue and white. The colours can be conveniently regulated via the touch panel using PLC/PLC or via the mobile Humidor App.

    The warm and flattering light in the rear wall area of the Gerber humidors creates an atmospheric ambience. Your cigar treasure is highlighted in color by the lighting system and shines in a majestic glow. The Ambi-Light ProColour LED light system with special optics produces the colours warm white, red or blue. These can be individually combined with each other and create special lighting effects. The colour changes are controlled by the PLC system and adjusted as required. The subdued lighting brings out the colour of the real humidor wood, the Spanish cedar, particularly well. The LED elements are checked, measured and installed by hand. They are framed and mounted with a special cladding of real Spanish cedar wood. The illuminants are low-maintenance, easily accessible from the outside and can be replaced at any time. For small interiors we offer versatile and individual alternatives.


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    Light with many faces

    – each cigar is gently enveloped in the glow of indirect lighting.

    Lighting for glass domes

    A further special equipment option is the illumination within a glass dome. Just like our humidor model Ascensioncustom-made products and cigar lounges can also be equipped with a glass dome. Below the glass dome, two elegantly designed LED lighting rods are mounted on the cigar-friendly material. During the hydraulic opening of the showcases, the glass domes move upwards together with the lighting. In the closed position the showcases are gently illuminated and put your cigars in the right light.

    Lighting for lids

    Depending on the design, a Gerber humidor, similar to our humidor models Monolith and Cube, can be finished off with an attractive lid. The design of this lid is reminiscent of a precious treasure chest, which carefully stores the most precious treasures inside. On request, a flush glass pane can be inserted into the lid. Through the glass, the cigar lover’s gaze falls on the uppermost Cigarboard, which allows selected cigars to rest and mature. In order to bathe the cigars in perfect light, an attractively shaped LED module is mounted underneath the lid, which gently illuminates the uppermost Cigarboard. The cigars as well as the wood of the Spanish cedar shine and bathe in the atmospheric light.

    Lighting for Cigarboards

    With Gerber humidors, the lighting of the Cigarboards is placed under the boards and cleverly sets the scene for your cigar collection. The warm light spreads atmosphere and moves together with the Cigarboard, even if you move it. No matter if horizontal or tilted, no matter what position in the inner cabinet. The LED line modules specially made for us are completely encapsulated and therefore shock-protected, so that moving the Cigarboards is possible without any problems. The concealed LED module moves with the cigars and perfectly sets the scene for your cigars at all times.

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    LED light strip encapsulated

    When it comes to the right mood, the light is the key – finest cigars in a perfect atmosphere