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Automation technology in the humidor – perfectly controlled relative humidity

Our partners from ifm in Essen visited us in our humidor workshop. The result is a few great snapshots and a movie about our joint activities. We were able to win ifm in Essen as a partner in the field of automation technology. As a globally represented company and technological leader, they are the perfect partners to equip the unique cigar cabinets from Gerber.

Teamwork for the best cigar storage

The photos show typical everyday situations in our humidor workshop in Germany. Before and during a project, many steps consist of developing details and determining the implementation. Craftsmanship is teamwork. Every cigar cabinet and wall humidor is handmade. The look and features of the humidor are determined with the customer in advance. The control via TouchPanel is the modernst  way to control a Gerber Humidor. With the TouchPanel from ifm in Essen, every process in the humidor can be controlled and finely adjusted. It has warning signals when, for example, distilled water needs to be filled into the humidor. The humidor can be controlled manually or one of the stored programs can be selected. The automation technology ensures the best feel-good climate for the cigars in the humidor.

Joint development for cigar cabinets and wall humidors

The TouchPanel from ifm is equipped with a PLC (programmable logic controller). This is ultra-modern and allows several humidors to be controlled simultaneously. This means that we can also control cigar cabinets with 2, 3, 4 or more cabinets via the TouchPanel. Each cabinet has a separate humidification system including controlled dehumidification. The perfect system for aficionados who want to organize their cigars according to different relative humidity levels. Programs from 68 to 72% relative humidity are stored in the modes and can be easily selected.