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    Cigar drawers for lose cigars

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    Made of Spanish cedar for the best cigar aging - fine fragrance for the perfect maturation

    Humidor Cigar Drawers

    Separate your exclusive varieties by flavor

    The drawers made of Spanish cedar wood, which can be integrated into the humidor, are the best way to sort the brands and separate the aromas, especially for collectors of many valuable cigars.

    Just like the Cigarboards, each drawer is custom made for your humidor. For the use of the drawers, we recommend that the humidor should be at least of medium size so that the air circulation is not impaired and an optimal storage of your cigars can be achieved. We would be pleased to put together the individual equipment for your humidor together with you.

    The drawers can be used in addition or instead of the boards. While a Cigarboard is mainly used for the open presentation of the cigars, a drawer is an attractive closed version of storage, especially for larger collections. Like the interior, the drawers are made of Spanish cedar wood. Each drawer is individually handmade in our manufactory. They are then filed and sanded with loving care until they glide smoothly, wood on wood. They can be adapted not only to the humidor, but also to a specific cigar size.

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    Optimal humidification even inside the cigar drawers. Quality at every level – that’s what a genuine Gerber humidor stands for. The best materials, the most modern technology for the best cigar storage.

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    Humidor Cigar Drawers

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    Almost as if by itself, the cigar drawer slides into your hand. The quality of the craftsmanship is palpable. No metal is needed for the solid Spanish cedar to glide smoothly. On perforated floors of Spanish cedar, the cigar can mature and develop your full flavor. The precisely electronically regulated relative humidity guarantees the harmonious environment for the best cigar storage in the world.

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