GERBER Humidors Cigarboards


Cigars need to breathe


Whether small, large or a whole cigar landscape, the cigarboards are the main feature of a Gerber humidor. As a result, they are made by hand to fit the respective humidor. The unique advantages of our Cigarboards are adapted to the interior of your humidor.

Like the interior of the humidor, the Cigarboards are made of Spanish cedar wood and are framed by a solid frame of traditional humidor wood. The cigars can be distributed individually or in their boxes on the Cigarboards. Due to the perforated bottoms manufactured by Gerber, the air can be distributed so that nothing stands in the way of optimal storage of your cigars. The ventilation holes in the bottoms let the air circulate evenly throughout the humidor and ventilate the cigars from below. In combination with the untreated cedar wood, which absorbs the moisture, mould and parasite infestations are prevented. Due to the large surface of the wood, moisture is stored in the humidor over a large area. Even if the door is opened regularly, the increased humidity can be quickly restored with the help of the powerful humidifier.

GERBER Humidors cigarboards size

Highlights of the Cigarboards

A special highlight is the flexible inclination of the boards. The removable cigarboards can be adjusted in position and height and tilted according to your needs and taste. You can decide for each Cigarboard whether it should be tilted or arranged horizontally in the inner cabinet of your humidor. Design the interior of your humidor according to your wishes! Due to the individually adjustable supports on which the cigarboards rest, you have the possibility to determine the distances between the boards yourself. Give larger boxes more space or decide to use additional cigarboards. Additional boards can be ordered at any time. If desired, stainless steel can be used for the perforated floor instead of Spanish cedar wood.

To create an impressive atmosphere, the individual boards can be illuminated. If you move a Cigarboard, the flexible lighting automatically moves with it. Regardless of whether the board is inserted horizontally or tilted or at which position it is in the inner cabinet. The concealed LED module adapts itself and puts your cigars perfectly in scene at any time. For the optimal arrangement and sorting of your cigar collection we offer drawers and Serviceboards and our C-Flex System to match the Cigarboards. The flexible separation system consists of custom-made bands and pins made of solid cedar wood. The interior of your humidor can be redivided with a few simple steps. Due to the infinite number of possible combinations of the different elements, your humidor can be optimally adapted to your cigar collection. The basis for the C-Flex system are the ventilation holes in the floors. The single elements of the separation system can be quickly rearranged by a practical plug connection.

Special equipment: Extendable cigarboards

As an additional feature, the Cigarboards are now also available as extendable. True to our motto – to use Spanish cedar wood in the interior – the rails of the extendable boards are made of the original humidor wood. The unique frame construction maintains the flexibility and illumination of the boards. The new construction has been further developed especially for the humidors of TUI Cruises and is now also available as an optional extra. The new feature of our boards is created in high-quality handcraft and rounds off the interior of your humidor perfectly.