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    Illuminated Cigarboards made from Spanish Cedar for the perfect humidification of your cigars


    Cigars need to breath

    Whether small, large or a whole cigar landscape, the Cigarboards are the main feature of a Gerber humidor. As a result, they are made by hand to fit the respective humidor. The unique advantages of our Cigarboards are adapted to the interior of your humidor.

    Like the interior of the humidor, the Cigarboards are made of Spanish cedar wood and are framed by a solid frame of traditional humidor wood. The cigars can be distributed individually or in their boxes on the Cigarboards. Due to the perforated bottoms manufactured by Gerber, the air can be distributed so that nothing stands in the way of optimal storage of your cigars. The ventilation holes in the bottoms let the air circulate evenly throughout the humidor and ventilate the cigars from below. In combination with the untreated cedar wood, which absorbs the moisture, mould and parasite infestations are prevented. Due to the large surface of the wood, moisture is stored in the humidor over a large area. Even if the door is opened regularly, the increased humidity can be quickly restored with the help of the powerful humidifier.

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    Spanish cedar shelves – height adjustable and inclinable

    – the holes in the Spanish cedar provide proper ventilation. The absolute feel-good climate for precious cigars.

    Humidity levels in a good humidor should be even and constant. In particular, humidity regulation at the different levels is a technically challenging matter. To achieve good results, the interaction of all components in a Gerber humidor is particularly important. The air ducts, the use of the fans, the construction, everything works hand-in-hand for the best results. The perforated shelves are an important part of this balanced system. The perforated holes guarantee a good air flow across all levels of the cigar cabinet. The spacing and air channels are the prerequisite for the best cigar storage for years to come. Our years of experience in humidor construction goes into every single cigar cabinet.

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    GERBER Humidors cigarboards size

    Cigarboards are manufactured in different sizes – suitable for every Cigar cabinet from Gerber Humidor in Germany