GERBER Humidors Cigarboards


Cigars need to breathe

Stainless steel perforated plates, framed with solid Cedrela, are ideal for the storage of cigar boxes and cabinets.

They provide a uniform air flow on all levels. The stainless steel base is sturdy and simply elegant.

GERBER Humidors cigarboards size

Cigarboards & Cedrela

With the frame and base both made from solid Cedrela, it is ideal for the storage of individual cigars and boxes. Ventilation holes in the base allow the air to circulate evenly throughout the humidor and ventilate the cigars from below. Both the circulating air vents and the use of solid Cederal prevent mold.

Because Cedrela absorbs moisture so well, relative humidity is quickly restored, even with frequent opening of the lid. The cigar board “Special” is outfitted with the Flex compartments and solid Cedrela pins. Upon request, we provide additional support slats for an even greater air circulation and for protection against a rare but possible resin bleed from the Cedrela wood.