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Hotels, restaurants, bars, airports & cigar lounges – our luxurious humidors are causing a sensation worldwide. In addition to our unique humidors you get the complete interior of your Cigar Lounge from us from one source. As a traditional company for high-quality interior design and furniture construction, we have over 135 years experience of manufacturing. Our experienced interior designers work with luxurious materials, modern lines and innovative features.
The time spent smoking a cigar is a time of enjoyment. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting outdoors or in front of a fire, alone in peace or with stimulating company. An individually crafted humidor, a cleverly designed ashtray and a sip of a drink that blends in perfectly with the flavors of tobacco – Cigar Lounges are the perfect place to enjoy a cigar.

Do you have a furnished smoking room? As a manufactory it is part of our special service and our claim to provide you with the humidor that fits in form and color to your existing furniture. According to your wishes and perfectly fitting to your furnishing style, we also produce individual pieces of furniture. Our cigar cabinets can be supplemented at any time with spirits shelves and bar elements or embedded as built-in humidor in already existing furniture.

Well-known locations with cigar lounges and an original Gerber Humidor

Humidor Adlon Berlin

Humidor Gerber Adlon

Humidor Lounge Adlon

Smokers Lounge for the world-famous Hotel Adlon Kempinski in Berlin

The iconic Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin is located in the very heart of Berlin, right next to the famous Brandenburg Gate. Its unique location, legendary history, opulent furnishings and décor as well as a service above and beyond impeccable make the Hotel Adlon Kempinski ideal for leisure travellers, but also the perfect venue for social and corporate events. A famous place designed to attract the most elite guests from all over the world. The colors are rich and brilliant to reflect the Indian style of the Maharaja: warm gold, turquoise, blue-grey and silver. 

The renovated Cigar Lounge invites visitors to linger and to enjoy a good cigar. The room depicts the fresh ambiance and the color concept motif. It shows oriental and modern influences united in an elegance and international style. The eye catcher in the new Smokers Lounges is a hand-crafted piece of joinery – an over 3 meters long Humidor made from our manufactory. The Humidor is a unique specific mounting solution and coordinates perfectly with the design concept for the modernized Smokers Lounge. Turquoise patterned wood with gleaming gilded brass mountings provides a comforting atmosphere. Manufactured with great care from selected raw materials like the finest wood Cedrela odorata – the real humidor timber called Spanish Ceder– for the inner cabinet and the special equipment like the illuminated Cigar Boards. All adjustable elements like the lightning of the back wall and the boards, the humidification and the dehumidification, can be easy controlled with the PLC control. The Gerber Humidor is a realization of design works made on „measure“.

Aficionados and enthusiasts can store in the drawers of the humidor the desired cigars separated after aromas, the Smokers Lounge is an invitation to relax and enjoy.

Humidor Lounge Mein Schiff

Cigar Lounges Mein Schiff GERBER Humidors

Cigar Lounges Luxus Kreuzfahrtschiff GERBER Humidor

Smokers Lounges der Schiff von TUI Cruises

To the ships, My ship 3, My ship 4, My ship 5, My ship 6 and the new My ship 1 are cigar lounges. At the end of a wonderfully busy day, you can sit back and enjoy a cigar and a drink in this relaxing place. The memories of the your day flicker in your mind’s eye while you take a break from the hustle and bustle and enjoy a perfectly kept cigar from a Gerber humidor.

This humidor was originally constructed as part of the bar counter in the ship’s cigar lounge. In the center of the bar of the Mein Schiff 3 is a humidor with a glass cabinet that lifts up hydraulically. This glass case rises and lowers by remote control. From this high-tech humidor, guests are served individual cigars on a removable service board.  On either side of the bar, the glass cabinet is bookended by two other matching humidors.  These cases were designed to have glass on three sides, to allow for the best possible view of the luxury cigars inside. The interior lighting of the humidors gives off an atmospheric glow, while the exterior finish matches the look and feel of the entire lounge decor.

Cigar Lounge Luxushotel Marriott GERBER Humidor

Cigar Lounge Hotel Marriott GERBER Humidor

Cigar Lounge Hotel GERBER Humidor

Cigar lounge of the swiss luxury hotel Marriott

The Marriott Hotel in Zurich is a wonderful starting point to explore the charming „city in miniature“. The 5-star hotel offers all the comforts to enjoy after a long sightseeing tour. You will find a varied leisure and relaxation offer under one roof. The offer ranges from the spa to the hairdresser to the gym.

As a highlight you will find pleasure and relaxation in the cigar lounge with the unique aroma of a noble cigar. The inviting Cigar Lounge has been decorated with classic materials such as leather and fine woods in warm shades of gold and brown. The line follows the clear forms of the interior concept of the hotel. The custom-made wall cladding integrates several functional areas into a harmonious interior design. Double-leaf recessed humidors, a liquor cabinet and multifunctional shelving combine functionality and atmosphere. The constructive implementation allows an invisible fresh air supply for the electronically regulated humidifier and the dehumidification system. Both the interiors and the wood paneling are indirectly staged with flattering light. Stylish furniture completes the interior and ensures enjoyable hours.