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Bespoke Humidor for integration in a kitchen – handmade in Germany

Exclusively manufactured humidor for integration into a luxurious kitchen. The humidor is a custom-made product for a customer in California, USA, who will receive an exquisite kitchen from Germany.

It is designed as an under-table appliance. As it is positioned to the right and left of two wine refrigerators. The doors of Miele’s wine fridges set the design tone. The wine fridges have full-surface glass doors. That’s why we came up with something special for the handmade humidor from Germany. It has a screen-printed glass door. The black edge of the glass door follows the design of the wine fridges. The cigar cabinet is a masterpiece of design and function.


Made from high-quality Spanish cedar in the interior. The best material for cigar storage. Perfectly crafted with years of experience. A breathtaking work of art in a modern design. The humidification system for the relative humidity of approx. 70% comes from Gerber Humidor. Only the highest quality components are used. Manufactured in Germany to industry standards. The high-precision humidity sensor measures the relative humidity in the humidor at short intervals. The electronic control unit compares the values with the set target value. If the relative humidity in the cigar cabinet is too low or too high, humidification or dehumidification is activated.

Bespoke  Humidor

Every Gerber humidor is an individual custom-made product. Made as a unique piece in our carpenter’s workshop. Each cigar cabinet is a jewel of craftsmanship. The finest woods and materials are used here. The design is perfectly tailored to your needs. Whether as a built-in solution or as a free-standing piece of jewelry. Gerber humidors are the best thing that can happen to your cigars. Made for high-quality cigar storage. Genuine craftsmanship, unique appearance. Only the best materials – craftsmanship made in Germany.