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    Genuine "Made in Germany" Humidor with electronic controlled humidification

  • Gerber Humidor

    Cigar drawers made of Spanish Cedar. For exclusive customers and loose cigars.

  • Gerber Humidor

    Ventilation holes provide uniform air circulation in the humidor. Lighting on each level of the cabinet.

    No. 1 Humidor - Worldwide a unique one

    Our flagship with a variety of features

    The Gerber humidor No. 1 is our flagship model and is the largest humidor of the Gerber cabinet line. It is a genuine “number one” in the world.

    We built the first model, with its extensive features and considerable size, according to the wishes of a long-time customer who desired a suitable storage option for his impressive and large cigar collection. His specific request was that we produce, by hand, a superbly functional, humidity-controlled cabinet that would be both modern and distinctive in design. The result was so convincing that from this customer’s simple request, what would become the very first Gerber humidor emerged. The Number One remains unsurpassed, even today, in function and in appointment. The Gerber Number One is among the best humidors in the world that a cigar aficionado can buy.

    Our Humidor No. 1 is the exclusive solution for large cigar collections for private collectors, restaurants and hotels with inviting CigarLounges. Electronically controlled parameters for the best cigar storage. The only humidor in the world with high-tech automation technology: TouchPanel with PLC on demand. Modern design in noble materials, tailored to your taste and needs.

    Fine cigars like to be sorted and separated by variety and origin. Our drawers offer unique aroma through real Spanish cedar. Storage surrounded by Spanish cedar for valuable individual pieces and loose cigars. Drawers are also available with nameplate for VIP customers. Made of solid Spanish cedar wood, handmade with traditional drawer guide.

    For aficionados worldwide, an original custom-made humidor from Gerber is the perfect addition to the precious cigar treasure. A handmade humidor crowns the pleasure with the perfect combination of optimal cigar storage, luxurious appearance and state-of-the-art equipment. Embedded in the aroma of Spanish cedar, the cigars can develop their unique taste.

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    The Gerber cigar cabinet „No. 1“ is >Made in Germany<. Refined with the most modern humidification technology: the best thing that can happen to cigars worldwide.


    Humidor No. 1

    The humidor bears its name for good reason. It was the first in size & quality in the house of Gerber and it is the undisputed number 1 of perfect cigar storage:
    Size: 2200 x 1100 x 70 mm (HxWxD);
    (other dimensions available upon request).
    Spanish cedar shelves and cigar drawers;
    electronically controlled humidification and dehumidification;
    TouchPanel with PLC – state-of-the-art automation technology.

    Three cigar cabinets for the best cigar storage made in Germany in beautiful Oak
    Humidor No. 1 - Design Examples
    Humidor NO. 1 - Discover equipment