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Swiss Pear – humidors to your furnishing

A GERBER humidor is always a unique craft, tailored to the needs of our customers. Our humidors are divided into custom-made and models. Our models are set in size and shape. For every humidor manufactured in our factory, the customer can choose the decor and the equipment itself. In close cooperation with our customers, an individual humidor is produced.  Our versatile collection of materials includes a wide range of precious woods, valuable metals, e.g. Gold leaf, but also other modern materials, such as CorianParapan and Carbon. Also, we try to fulfill the individual wishes of our customers.
Highlights, such as specially designed keys and engravings complete the look of your humidor. Numerous equipment details create an incomparable unique piece and present your cigar collection perfectly.

Swiss Pear

Swiss Pear is a trade name for the Wild Servicetree, Sorb and Common Pear species. The three woods are so similar that they are visually indistinguishable. The elegant wood is one of the most valuable woods worldwide. The Swiss pear tree has a warm, reddish tone, which is best emphasized by a smooth surface. In recent years, the attractive wood is in great demand, especially in Europe.

Humidors matched to your furniture

Within our manufactory it is a matter of heart to make unique humidors. We are happy to adapt the humidors to the existing furniture. Within a current project, two humidors were created in Swiss pear tree. The client and owner of a traditional Swiss restaurant chose the humidor model „Cube“. The humidors should complement an existing piece of Swiss pear wood furniture. Based on a sample that the customer gave us, we have chosen a surface treatment and finish that perfectly matches the look of the furniture. Both humidors decorate the restaurant now and delight the aficionado at cheese factories, wine & cigars.

Personal advice and customer contact are our priority. We manufacture custom humidors to your furnishing. Do you need more information? We look forward to your inquiry!