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New Year 2018 GERBER Humidor

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018

We look back on a successful year 2017 and we would like to thank all our partners and customers for the trust and the successful cooperation. Last year we were able to introduce some great new innovations. We are especially proud of our new humidor model “CigarArt”, that we introduce in January.
We have worked on its planning and implementation in various constructive phases throughout the year. Starting with the first design studies, which were created in collaboration with a young creative team from the product design department of the University of Venlo.
The idea was to develop a classic Gerber Humidor with a space for artistic design. The basis of the new model is a highly functional Gerber cigar cabinet in the usual high quality with an electronic humidification and dehumidification system. The eyecatcher for the viewer is the door frame, which can be individually designed. In the future, we will be able to look at other, uniquely designed versions, implemented with a variety of approaches. We have ideas from Baroque frames to ArtHouse design plans. The new year will be exciting too!

Plans for the year 2018

We continue to work on developing the individual design options. Personalized keys and individual closure systems in different materials and colours are an important topic that we will be working on in year 2018. We have gained new partners and are in a constant creative process to make our humidors even more beautiful and unique.

Highlights at the turn of the year

Once again we were particularly impressed by the natural material wood and all its wonderful qualities. Currently for Christmas we were allowed to design a Monolith in White Ebony. Working with this wood is something very special for us. Seeing the effect of the interaction of large-area bright sapwood crossed by strong dark measles live is impressive. We are pleased to welcome you with the pictures of this very special humidor in the beginning of 2018.