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A base made of glass GERBER Humidors

Base made of glass as extension to your humidor

The Cube is a versatile piece of furniture and our smallest desktop humidor model. The humidors design is a reminiscence and recalls an exclusive treasure chest. Inside the humidor your special treasures are safely kept. An additional base made of glass, is an optimal extension of our humidor model.

From the practical table humidor to the elegant freestanding humidor

For our Cube, we developed an extension adapted to the model – our base. Equipped with the base, you can placed the humidor Cube freely in the room. The design of the base optimally picks up the style of the cube. With different materials, humidor and base can be designed various. The large selection of materials offers the customer a great variety of combinations. The decor of the base can pick up the precious wood veneer of the humidor and both pieces of furniture look uniform. It is also possible to choose a base with a strikingly different appearance: perhaps a matte finish or a colorfully lacquered Cube humidor sitting atop a base of an elegant metal. As the manufacturer, we welcome the individual wishes and ideas of our customers.

Our versatile collection of materials includes a wide range of precious woods, valuable metals, e.g. Gold leaf, but also other modern materials, such as CorianParapan and Carbon. Also, we try to fulfill the individual wishes of our customers.

A base made of glass for your humidor

In a project that has already been completed, a customer contacted us with a special material request. In keeping with the light and airy interior of his residence, a cube with base should be made. In joint planning and consultation, the idea of a glass base has delighted both the customer and us alike.

From clear white glass, a base has been made for the white painted cube. The transparent base gives the humidor a light and airy design as if it were floating. The combination of glass and white lacquer brings the harmoniously designed humidor into focus and makes it shine. Further design suggestions for humidor and base can be found under our humidor model Cube.

We look forward to your inquiries!