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A unique cigar cabinet for a cruising ship

The new MEIN SCHIFF 1 – a new era for a new ship

On May 11, the new MEIN SCHIFF 1 was baptized in the Port of Hamburg. The godmothers, beach volleyball Olympic champions Laura Ludwig and Kira Walkenhors wished the ship, crew and guests always a good trip. Currently, the new luxury cruise ship is between Norway and Denmark on a maiden voyage.

The new MEIN SCHIFF 1 with a length of 315.7 meters is the new top of the fleet and can accommodate 2,894 passengers. The cruise ship and crew are designed to meet the needs of the traveler. 20,500 m² of outdoor decks invite holidaymakers to linger. In addition to a generous range of spa and sports facilities, 12 restaurants & bistros and 15 lounges & bars are spread across the decks of the cruise ship. This includes the smoker’s lounge, where cigars and drinks can be relaxedly celebrated at the end of the day. One can remember the wonderful pictures of the day while enjoying a perfectly stored cigar from a GERBER humidor.

A GERBER Humidor the new MEIN SCHIFF 1

Our humidor is perfectly matched to the design of the Cigar lounge and the associated counter unit. Due to the close cooperation with the TUI CRUISES, the humidor is – handcrafted – made to fit and integrated into the counter system of the ship. With the utmost care, the design of the humidor is adapted to its environment. Already used paints, woods and veneers can also be taken up for the humidor. The cigar lounges of the sister ships MEIN SCHIFF 3, MEIN SCHIFF 4, MEIN SCHIFF 5 and MEIN SCHIFF 6 have also been equipped with GERBER humidors.

Cigar lounges

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