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Serviceboard as a new feature for the Monolith

Real passions want to be shared. So it’s with the enjoyment of a noble cigar. She wants to be smelled, touched, smocked and discussed. To make this possible, we have introduced the serviceboard as a new feature for the monolith.

The serviceboard, developed for him, offers the ideal presentation opportunity for your unique cigars. With the removable serviceboard you can present your cigars on real Spanish cedar in a welcoming and stylish ambience.


Spanish Cedar (Cedrela odorata L.)

Our serviceboards, made of 100% Cedrela offer custom-fit recesses for cedarwood fiddlers for the perfect smoke and a razor-sharp cigar scissors with a perfect cut. For the cigar scissors a precisely fitting recess is milled into the board. The scissors made of high-quality stainless steel lies elegantly on the noble wood. On request, we can provide your serviceboard with an elegant engraving or a precisely fitting recess for your personal favorite equipment. We also like to fulfill more unusual wishes.
Our goal is to design your serviceboard so you have everything at hand to smoke your cigar. Equipment that is a delight to the eye every day – also when taken over by the next generation. The GERBER humidor serviceboard is a must-have for every passionate aficionado.

Similar to the Cigarboards, the serviceboard is enclosed by a frame of solid cedar wood. The cigars lie on a bottom with a hole pattern, so that an optimal air circulation is made possible. The ventilation holes are the basis of our C · Flex system. Our flexible organization system can be individually inserted into the hole pattern of the board and changed quickly and easily if necessary. Due to the many possible combinations, the flexible elements can easily be adapted to the own collection. This allows the separation of the cigars and their sorting to taste and preference. The C · Flex system is made of cedar wood and sanded by hand. Other materials are deliberately omitted to create the ideal environment for your cigars. Our noble serviceboard allows a perfect presentation of your precious cigars.

Serviceboard as a new feature for your humidor

Now the serviceboard is also available as a new feature for the monolith. Instead of the top cigarboard, we place the serviceboard directly under the glass of the lid. A hidden LED bar plunges the serviceboard and your cigars into soft light. The cigars, as well as the wood of the Spanish cedar, shine and and bathe in the atmospheric light.

Do you have questions about our humidors, do you want advice or do you have a project in mind? Then get in contact with us! We look forward to your inquiries!