GERBER Humidor logo
Gerber humidor in a shiny yellow color.

Humidor in yellow – creativity in color choice

A special highlight last year was undoubtedly the two yellow cigar cabinets. We always look forward to unusual requests, because we like to design special solutions and build something unique. When selecting the woods and paints for the outer lining, our customers have many options. We like to try something new and develop together with you a harmonious material concept.

Regular customer wanted an eye catcher

In the case of the illustrated humidors, we received a request from one of our regular customers. This already opted for a real Gerber Humidor. As a convinced aficionado, it was important to him to count on the proven Gerber quality. For a special space, he wanted a fancy humidor. It was important to him that the humidor falls with beaming into the eye and sets the cigars in scene. In addition to the look and function of the humidor should be placed spatially. In the course of the joint planning with the inclusion of floor plan, sketches and drawings, our customer decided to have two humidors made directly. The cigar cabinets form a visual highlight and, correspondingly, a striking room divider.

Always compare colors

If a humidor is painted from the outside, we can offer the entire color palette of RAL colors and other international standards. It is important to be aware, that each screen represents colors differently. Just when you decide on something unusual, the desired color should always be checked using a color chart. We are happy to help with the selection and implementation.

Material composition

Our customer liked the luminosity of the sunny yellow tone. In the illustrated version, the outer, upper rim and the base of the Ascension Large are also in yellow. For the inner wreath under the glass hood, we have selected an innovative HPL together with the customer. This has a dark gray, contrasting color. Its surface structure is modeled on natural stone slate. The slightly rough surface breaks the light and forms a perfect complement to the radiant yellow of the Gerber humidor.