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Humidor with an opulent golden frame

Our newest humidor model shines in a new design. Plinth, base and corpus are lacquered subtle and directs the observer’s eye to the door of the humidor. This consists of an opulent golden frame and is a real eye opener.

The combination between black lacquer and shiny gold gives the humidor an incomparable elegance. The classy design is emphasized through the opulent frame in the baroque style of the 17th century. The luxurious decoration and structure of the frame reminds of picture frames of significant artworks of the history. In spite of his long-standing history, the opulent golden frame is until today a popular stylistic element. They frame valuable paintings and reflect their richness and opulence. During the golden color pleasing the eye of the observer the cigars inside are bathed in subtle light. The large glass at the sides and at the front of the humidor allows a deeper sight at the heart of the cigar collection. The CigarArt creates a fantastic atmosphere, in which your cigars are presented.

A suitable and opulent golden frame for your humidor

The CigarArt humidor is a changeable piece of furniture. With different materials and frames, the humidor can be designed in different ways. In addition to the classical creative possibilities, also modern designs are available. Plinth, base, corpus and frame can be formed with different materials. In our very well equipped material bibliotheca, you can choose between luxury woods, modern mineral materials, elegant metals, colors & lacquers, gold and carbon. The variety of combinations guarantee an individual design, close to customers wish. A Gerber humidor is a very unique and personal piece of furniture which should spend pleasure for your lifetime.

Artists design your humidor

Following past projects, the cooperation with contemporary artists is an exciting possibility. We are delighted to prepare the outer shell, so that an artist can perpetuate on it. A personal piece of art raise your humidor to an extraordinary and individual item worldwide. Depending on the artist and the material, we accompany the production process. After finishing the artwork, the inner space can be installed. The internal box is made from Spanish Ceder – the original wood for humidors. It is important, that no foreign smelling substances get into the internal space. The smell can disturb the taste of the cigars. With the last satisfactory checks, we review the values and the environment of the humidor – before we deliver them to his new home. We are delighted at your interest in our company and products, and would welcome any questions, suggestions and improvements you may have regarding the information provided.