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Gerber desktop humidor - cladded in luxury Ziricote veneer

Desktop humidor – Spanish Cedar & Ziricote

We at Gerber Humidor love cigars and we love fine and noble wood. Since there have always been cigar smokers and cigar lovers in the Gerber family and the company can look back on over 135 years of family history as a carpenter’s workshop, the production of humidors has long been one of the offers of the Duisburg company

Over time, the classic cigar boxes have developed into individual humidors, from transportable desktop humidors to individual built-in humidors and free-standing cigar cabinets. The results of many years of development work has gone into our humidor models Cube, Monolith, Ascension, CigarArt and the No. 1 cigar cabinet.
The desktop humidor shown here is a real gem for cigar lovers from all over the world. The humidor is wrapped in a very special wood: Ziricote, also called „the dark spirit of South America“. Dark and brown flames alternate in structure and color on the desktop humidor shell. The wood of the desktop humidor Cube is mysterious and unique.

We have already delivered the transportable Cube to Munich, Berlin, Zurich and Basel as well as London, Paris, Los Angeles, Kong Kong and Qatar. We are delighted that handcrafted luxury humidors are in international demand.