Cigarlounge Hotel Adlon Berlin

Tailor-made Humidor for the world-famous Adlon Kempinski in Berlin

Published on 7. Dezember 2016 in General

The iconic Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin is located in the very heart of Berlin, right next to the famous Brandenburg Gate. Its unique location, legendary history, opulent furnishings and décor as well as a service above and beyond impeccable make the Hotel Adlon Kempinski ideal for leisure travellers, but also the perfect venue for social and corporate events. A famous place designed to attract the most elite guests from all over the world.

After three months of refurbishment and renovation during normal hotel operations the heart of the hotel now shines anew with an architecturally streamlined design, new interior furnishings and a modern lighting concept.

Corian News

DuPont Corian®

Published on 14. September 2016 in General


Our Humidors

Since foundation of the manufacture Gerber Humidors are traditionally made of precious and rare fine woods. During the last years, new and innovative materials complete in a suitable manner the humidor design. The demand for it shows that the trend develops more than ever in the direction of the High-Tech-Materials. DuPont Corian® is a very modern solid surface material which optimally fit together with the market-leading technology of the Gerber humidors. There are practically no limits concerning colors and structures which can be combined individually with the design of the humidor.

On our material side you find an overview to the different color and texture pictures of the mineral surrogate material.

Humidor "Mein Schiff 5"

Humidor leaves the port – Mein Schiff 5

Published on 16. August 2016 in General

The Launching ceremony of the Mein Schiff 5 was held on July 16th at 2016 by Lena Meyer-Landrut in Lübeck-Travemünde. The Ship follows her older sisters now out of the sea. The cruise liner is equipped with a smoker’s lounge for the cigar lovers among the passengers. As well as the sister’s ships Mein Schiff 3 and Mein Schiff 4 an original Gerber humidor is the heart of the lounge.

Ascension medium & large

Ascension in Large

Published on 29. Juni 2016 in General

The big brother of the Ascension is there: Due to high demand the new humidor model Ascension Large has was added to our product portfolio. The big Ascension offers more storage space and a greater glass cabinet for the presentation of noble cigar collections with proven quality. The integrated Serviceboard has received with a sunk glass bowl for cigar segments another important feature. The popular cigar scissors with guillotine cut are also available with the Ascension Large. Exactly like the small brother Large Ascension disposes of a hydraulic glass dome, controllable with a remote control. The rated values of the relative air humidity are individually adjustable; moistening and drying out are steered electronically and taken down.

The unique design possibilities are true to the original: here in the example the Large made from palisander with pale sapwood and with a collar from Corian (a mineral working material) or of palisander wood with a turquoise inner surface.

Mass: 1200-mm height x 1100-mm width x 700-mm depth (in closed position)

Humidor auf der "Mein Schiff 4"

A new humidor is ready to set in sail – MEIN SCHIFF 4

Published on 16. April 2015 in General

A cigar lounge belongs on a luxury cruise liner like the Mein Schiff 4. At the end of a wonderfully busy day, you can sit back and enjoy a cigar and a drink in this relaxing place. The memories of the your day flicker in your mind’s eye while you take a break from the hustle and bustle and enjoy a perfectly kept cigar from a Gerber humidor.

Beitrag im Deutschen Manufakturenführer 2015

Contribution in the the German manufacturing guide in 2015

Published on 26. Januar 2015 in General

German Manufacturing Guide (Deutscher Manufakturenführer)

A travel guide to the most beautiful factories in Germany. In both words and pictures. The manufacturing guide highlights some 300 German companies that offer products at the top of their field. Criteria for inclusion are handmade goods, which are produced with skill, sensitivity and passion.

Gerber Humidor Smokers-Lounge MEIN SCHIFF 3

MEIN SCHIFF 3 – special production for a cruise ship

Published on 8. August 2014 in General

The Mein Schiff 3 now boasts a hand-made Gerber humidor for the cigar aficionados on board. The pleasure of a perfectly presented cigar can be a highlight of an amazing cruise on the “Mein Schiff 3”. After an exciting land excursion and a delicious dinner, the guests can round out the evening with a fine cigar in the ship’s smoking lounge.

Zweiflügliger Humidor

A humidor with 2 doors filled up by the customer

Published on 7. April 2014 in General

For an aficionado with a truly dedicated passion for collecting, we have expanded our biggest humidor model by adding a second door. We received a request from a customer if the No. 1, our largest model, could be even larger. He thought the humidor was very nice, but just too small for his expansive cigar collection.

Gerber Humidore Carbon

A humidor from carbon – racing meets aficionado

Published on 24. Februar 2014 in General

Gerber GmbH is the new corperate partner of the LUEG AG in Essen, Germany. Many common characteristics connect these two enterprises. Tradition, innovation and deep roots in the Ruhr River Valley are only a few examples of qualities, which unite the Gerber GmbH and the LUEG AG. In a cooperative effort with Mercedes, a new idea arose. With the premier of the new C Class and the GLA, there will be an option to install in the car a special Gerber humidor called “Cube & Base”, which will be completely wrapped in carbon.