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A humidor with 2 doors filled up by the customer

For an aficionado with a truly dedicated passion for collecting, we have expanded our biggest humidor model by adding a second door. We received a request from a customer if the No. 1, our largest model, could be even larger. He thought the humidor was very nice, but just too small for his expansive cigar collection.

It’s not very often that we hear such a response, but of course, we happily revised the blueprints and enlarged our biggest humidor as requested. In addition, we came to a mutual decision to add an additional glass door. The special humidor now has  2 doors. It was important to the customer to be able to see his collection even through the closed door and at the same time to have a free standing humidor. In this case, the humidor was built with „Spanish olive“.


A big humidor with 2 doors for a big collection

Because we were very curious how the humidor would look when it was filled, the lucky new owner very graciously provided us with a very impressive “before” and “after” picture!