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GERBER Humidor Cigar Lounge Mein Schiff

MEIN SCHIFF 3 – special production for a cruise ship

The Mein Schiff 3 now boasts a hand-made Gerber humidor for the cigar aficionados on board. The pleasure of a perfectly presented cigar can be a highlight of an amazing cruise on the “Mein Schiff 3”. After an exciting land excursion and a delicious dinner, the guests can round out the evening with a fine cigar in the ship’s smoking lounge.

Cigar lounge on the high seas –  Mein Schiff 3

Even while at sea, valuable cigars can remain optimally stored in a one-of-a-kind Gerber humidor. While enjoying the expansive view of the sea ahead, anyone who is a true aficionado will find pleasure in the gentle pace of a luxurious cigar, perhaps in the company of a glass of wine or whiskey.  Such an experience awaits on the brand new ship from TUI Cruises. Their cruise liner offers everything the heart desires. We are very happy for the cooperation with TUI Cruises and about the installation of a Gerber humidor on board the “Mein Schiff 3”.

This humidor was originally constructed as part of the bar counter in the ship’s cigar lounge. In the center of the bar is a humidor with a glass cabinet that lifts up hydraulically. This glass case rises and lowers by remote control. From this high-tech humidor, guests are served individual cigars on a removable service board.  On either side of the bar, the glass cabinet is bookended by two other matching humidors.  These cases were designed to have glass on three sides, to allow for the best possible view of the luxury cigars inside. The interior lighting of the humidors gives off an atmospheric glow, while the exterior finish matches the look and feel of the entire lounge decor.