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Beitrag im Deutschen Manufakturenführer 2015

Contribution in the the German manufacturing guide in 2015

German Manufacturing Guide (Deutscher Manufakturenführer)

A travel guide to the most beautiful factories in Germany. In both words and pictures. The manufacturing guide highlights some 300 German companies that offer products at the top of their field. Criteria for inclusion are handmade goods, which are produced with skill, sensitivity and passion.

This is an informative guide, which provides an a look behind the scenes of the various workshops. There are portraits of different products, such as watches, shoes, organs, toys and even our Gerber humidors.

We are delighted to have been selected to appear in this guidebook, as well as receiving a special place among the „unmistakably unique.“ The presentation of the book took place at the furniture fair „IMM Cologne 2015“. It was a beautiful evening, and we are happy to share our thoughts with you.