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Since foundation of the manufacture Gerber Humidors are traditionally made of precious and rare fine woods. During the last years, new and innovative materials complete in a suitable manner the humidor design. The demand for it shows that the trend develops more than ever in the direction of the High-Tech-Materials. DuPont Corian® is a very modern solid surface material which optimally fit together with the market-leading technology of the Gerber humidors. There are practically no limits concerning colors and structures which can be combined individually with the design of the humidor.

On our material side you find an overview to the different color and texture pictures of the mineral surrogate material. Within the Gerber GmbH Corian® is used on account of his hygienic and resistant surface also to the interior fittings, particularly suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.


DuPont Corian®

Since the introduction in 1967 the high-quality mineral working material DuPont Corian ® has developed internationally to an important component for design and architecture. The moldability of Corian® and its great processing potential opens up an almost unlimited range of application possibilities. Equally for projects in the privat and public sector.  Application areas range from kitchens, pieces of furniture, bathrooms, lighting systems, building shells, modern building automation, touch-sensitive control panels up to fashion accessories. Product quality, exclusivity and the fascination put forward from Corian® have a significant impact and makes it unmistakable and extremely versatile.

The silky, smooth and warm surface of the high tech material begs to be touched.