Txanton with an original Gerber Humidor

Txanton Shop with an original Gerber Humidor

Published on 7. September 2017 in General

Txanton is an exclusive store for Jamón Iberico, Wine, Olive Oil and Accessories in Manila. People with the same passion come together. In a unique atmosphere international culinary specialities can be tasted.

watchwinder for your humidor » Gerber Humidor

Watchwinder as an exclusive equipment for your humidor

Published on 14. August 2017 in General

Each GERBER humidor can be individually equipped with our flexible elements. The interior of the humidor can be divided with the different elements. The equipment of the interior is adapted to the needs of the customer and their cigar collections. In addition to the numerous features, a watchwinder can also be integrated.

integrated ladder rails » Gerber Humidor

More flexibility for our integrated ladder rails

Published on 26. Juni 2017 in General

Every original Gerber humidor is designed and produced for customers wish in our manufactory in Duisburg – made in Germany. The interior equipment can be put together depending on your needs. The different handmade elements of the humidor make a flexible and changeable arrangement possible.

GERBER Humidor Madrone Burl

A humidor made of madrone burl

Published on 25. April 2017 in General

The humidor manufactory has a wide selection of exclusive and unique woods. So it is the first time that we have been to build a humidor made of madrone burl. The decorative wood from the USA contains the precious interior cabinet made of spanish cedar wood, which safely secures your cigars.

GERBER Humidor for an airplane

Above the clouds – humidor in the airplane

Published on 3. April 2017 in General

One of the smallest humidors ever produced in the Gerber manufactory. We combined this this very special humidor with an equally unusual story. This unique humidor is a special product, which has been manufactured according to the wishes of our customer.

GERBER humidor clasps: key vs push button

Classically a key or a modern push button

Published on 25. März 2017 in General

To regulate the relative humidity, a humidor must be must be tight. The closure of the humidor should have a sufficient closing force and should be parallel in design and form to be functional and appealing.

GERBER Humidor unique designer key

A designer key to the collectors bliss

Published on 20. Januar 2017 in General

This designer key is not only a part of a piece of furniture it is an attitude: a passion for the pureness of wood, the clarity of shapes and durability of an handmade Humidor. It is individuelly designed and manufacturad perfectly by hand. The uniqe key opens the door to the collectors heavenly kingdom and offers a real key experience. A valuable door opener for the precious things in life.

Frohe Weihnachten wünscht das Team der Gerber Humidore

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Published on 22. Dezember 2016 in General

Merry Christmas and happy new year! We thank all our customers, partners and friends for the common cooperation in many masterly and successful projects this year. May your New Year 2017 be filled with special moment, warmth, peace and happiness. We wishing you all the joys of Christmas and a year of happiness.

Frohe Weihnachten & einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr

Wir bedanken uns bei allen Kunden, Partnern und Freunden für die gemeinsame Zusammenarbeit an den vielen meisterhaften und erfolgreichen Projekten in diesem Jahr und wünschen allen ein besinnliches und friedvolles Weihnachtsfest sowie ein gesundes und erfolgreiches neues Jahr 2017!