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GERBER Humidor Madrone Burl

A humidor made of madrone burl

The humidor manufactory has a wide selection of exclusive and unique woods. So it is the first time that we have been to build a humidor made of madrone burl. The decorative wood from the USA contains the precious interior cabinet made of spanish cedar wood, which safely secures your cigars.

Madrone burl is used for luxury architectural woodwork, luxury furniture, inlays and cabinet making. Due its unique surface, each humidor is an eyecatcher. Wood is a natural product, slight deviations of colour and differences in colour can occur. Every Gerber Humidor is peerless!

Madrone burl

The colour of the wood is reddish-brown and reminds of a warm and friendly watercolor painting. Madrone burl is common in North America down the Pacific Coast from Canada to California and Mexico. The burl growth as root growth half over and half under the soil. So, the burls must be dug out to obtain them. In the USA, this is often done by hand. It is necessary to prevent damage to the valuable wood by heavy machinery.

Further exclusive and unique woods can be found in our material selection. We offer you a personal advice to choose the perfect material for your humidor.