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Txanton with an original Gerber Humidor

Txanton Shop with an original Gerber Humidor

Txanton is an exclusive store for Jamón Iberico, Wine, Olive Oil and Accessories in Manila. People with the same passion come together. In a unique atmosphere international culinary specialities can be tasted.

The Txanton shop has three main areas. La Gran Añada is where you can enjoy a unique dining experience with a collection of 1,500 fine wines from the accompanying cellar to choose from. Alongside the wine exquisite cigars are collected. To be stored the cigars in a first-class environment our customer did not spare any efforts. An orginal Gerber – Humidor was built and delivered to the Philippines.


GERBER Humidor No. 1 at Txanton

The Gerber Humidor No. 1 is a unique and hand-made piece of craftmanship like every Gerber Humidor. Equipped after customers wish, customized for the valuable cigar collection. The inner cabinet is made of Spanish Ceder, formally known as the original Humidor-wood. The typical and unique aroma of the precious wood enable an optimal storage and the ideal premise for long aging processes. Individual items of the inner cabinet are also made from the same wood – the botanical name is Cedrela odorata. Additional optional features allows the set-up suitable to the collection. With flexible elements, the inner space of the Humidor can be changed and adjusted. With just a few moves, the room division have been modified.

The decor of the No. 1 is a varnishing in a tone from the RAL color card, implemented from our specialists. Carefully applicate by hand to the subsurface. The special finish needs time and accuracy. With caution and a lot of experience a hand-caressing surface arise. Our customer opted for a fuchsia color – the color tone makes the humidor to an eye catcher in a tasteful setting.

The two-shell construction principle allows the exchange of the outer fitting and to customize the design at a later time. The carefully humidified inner shell is retained, during the re-composing of the outer exterior in a luxury wood or an interesting material like Corian and Parapan.