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GERBER Humidor for an airplane

Above the clouds – humidor in the airplane

One of the smallest humidors ever produced in the Gerber manufactory. We combined this this very special humidor with an equally unusual story. This unique humidor is a special product, which has been manufactured according to the wishes of our customer.

The humidor is not for the private living room or a smoke lounge – but belongs to the equipment of an airplane. The dimensions of the humidor are especially adapted to the available space. The precious wood has been chosen in agreement with the interior of the airplane. The rounding of the lid is reminiscent of a luxurious casket, in which valuable cigars are stored.

The interior is equipped with high quality spanish cedar wood. This particular wood is also referred to as the original humidor wood. The aromatic spectrum of the wood of spanish cedar is very close to that of tobacco. There is no wood which would be more suitable for storing cigars. The humidor has an automatic humidification system, which ensures the desired humidity. These can be set and changed by the customer, so that the cigars mature perfectly on your journey.

The great attention to detail and the high quality of a Gerber humidor makes it an unrivaled unique.