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Watchwinder as an exclusive equipment for your humidor

Each GERBER humidor can be individually equipped with our flexible elements. The interior of the humidor can be divided with the different elements. The equipment of the interior is adapted to the needs of the customer and their cigar collections. In addition to the numerous features, a watchwinder can also be integrated.

Watchwinder as additional equipment

Similar to cigars, watches can also be collected with great dedication. We have combined both passions in our humidors. The watchwinder is used in a separate interior. So the luxurious watches can be kept ready for use. In the high-quality and decorative piece of furniture, the exclusive watches and cigars can be optimally stored. We take aim at the special wishes of our customers and optimize the interior of your humidor for you!

In order to prevent automatic clocks from standing still, watch winders are used. Thus, tedious adjustment is avoided if the watches are not worn for a period of time. Especially collectors who have several watches use the practical storage method. The integrated watch winders in our humidors keep your precious watches in motion. Due to the slow turning, the clocks are kept perfectly running. The deposit of your luxury watches and cigars is as noble and valuable as the collection itself. This way, your treasures are perfectly presented.

The design of our humidors leaves nothing to be desired. Find the perfect wood for your humidor in our large selection of materials. In addition to precious woods, we also offer modern mineral materials, acrylics, carbon or metals such as gold leaf. Handcrafted in our traditional manufactory and engraved with individual engravings, luxurious unique pieces are created. Within personal consultations, we will work with you to create the optimal humidor for you. The humidified interior for your cigar collection is lined with Spanish cedar wood. Function and design go hand in hand with a GERBER humidor. In order to fulfil the wishes of our customers, we also gladly realize individual projects. We look forward to hearing from you.