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Why Choose a Gerber Humidor?

One of the most frequently asked questions on Google about humidors is: „Which humidor is the best?“ Naturally, every humidor manufacturer claims their product is the best. However, to objectively evaluate this, we need to examine what makes a truly good humidor and what demands a fine cigar places on ideal storage conditions.

The Essentials of Cigar Storage:

  • Humidity: Cigars need moisture, but in the right amount.
  • Aging: Many cigars need to age; they are often not ready for immediate enjoyment.
  • Odorless Environment: Cigars require an environment free from harmful odors or one that enhances their aroma.
  • Humidity Control: Too much humidity can lead to mold.
  • Stable Humidity Levels: Stability in humidity ensures the cigar is evenly humidified.
  • Temperature: One of the key questions in cigar storage: is temperature important and if so, what is the optimal value?

Humidity for Cigars

Why should a cigar receive humidity during storage? Any tobacco smoker knows that dry tobacco is problematic:

  • Flavor: Dry tobacco doesn’t taste good and often feels harsh when burned.
  • Burn Rate: Dry tobacco burns too quickly.
  • Flavor Loss: Dry tobacco loses significant flavor.

Enjoyment is paramount for cigar lovers, making it essential for cigars to have the right consistency for perfect smoking. A simple pressure test can determine this: hold the cigar between your thumb and forefinger and press gently. It should yield without the tobacco cracking, indicating it’s not too dry. The wrapper should also look silky with a slight sheen, a good indicator of proper humidity in storage.

Humidor production in a family business in Germany for the best cigar storage

For over 135 years, the family-owned manufactory Gerber has stood for real German craftsmanship and artisan tradition. The result is a fascinating piece of furniture. Created with love for the wood.

Why Do Cigars Often Need to Age?

When discussing the aging of tobacco, we need to look at two types:

  • Aging of the Tobacco Leaves: Correctly stored and aged leaves break down tannins, influencing the tobacco’s flavor, similar to red wine. The best leaves are carefully stored, producing high-quality cigar series.
  • Aging of the Rolled Cigar: Aging affects the cigar’s flavor, blending the aromas of different leaves to create a milder and more complex flavor. There is no set time for aging cigars; it depends on personal preference. In some countries, it’s traditional to age cigars for years before enjoying them.

Aromatic Environment

Various materials can negatively impact the aroma of cigars. Sensitive and artisanal, cigars require the best conditions for long-term storage to develop their full flavor. Materials to avoid inside a humidor include:

  • Pine Family Cedar: Not to be confused with Spanish cedar (Cedrela odorata).
  • Lacquers or Oils: Those with strong smells.
  • Metals and Smooth Surfaces: They don’t absorb moisture.
  • Plastics and Cheap Rubber Seals: These can emit harmful odors.

The True Humidor Wood – Cedrela Odorata

High-quality humidors are lined with Spanish cedar (Cedrela odorata), which is actually a hardwood, not a cedar. This wood, often sourced from South America, is tough but perfect for cigar storage due to its aromatic properties and ability to absorb moisture and resist germs.

Humidity Regulation in a Humidor

Common humidifiers use passive systems like sponges or acrylic polymers, which are cost-effective but imprecise. Desired humidity levels of 65-72% are challenging to maintain with these. Modern humidification systems are electronically controlled, using fans and sensors to measure and adjust humidity, ensuring a stable environment for cigars.

Stability in Humidity

High-quality cigars dislike drastic changes in humidity or temperature. Cigars stored at low humidity levels need to be gradually acclimated to higher humidity. Reliable, trouble-free systems are essential, incorporating both humidification and dehumidification to maintain a homogeneous climate.

Cigars and Temperature

Opinions vary on the optimal temperature for cigar storage. Some recommend 16-18°C, others 22-23°C, reflecting the climate of tobacco-growing regions. Consistency is key to avoid fluctuations that can damage cigars.

Humidor production in a family business in Germany for the best cigar storage

For over 135 years, the family-owned manufactory Gerber has stood for real German craftsmanship and artisan tradition. The result is a fascinating piece of furniture. Created with love for the wood.

Why Use a Humidor?

  • Moisture Regulation: Essential for maintaining cigar quality.
  • Automated Humidification Systems: Preferably electronically controlled and low-maintenance.
  • High-Quality Materials: Especially Spanish cedar.
  • Seal and Air Circulation: Balance airtightness with fresh air exchange.
  • Aesthetics: A humidor should be beautiful and a joy for a lifetime.

What Makes a Gerber Humidor Exceptional?

A good humidor is critical for storing premium cigars. A Gerber humidor excels in both construction and its humidification system:

Construction and Quality

Unlike mass-produced humidors, Gerber humidors are handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring airtight construction and effective air circulation. Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques, every Gerber humidor is custom-made in Duisburg, Germany.

Humidification System

The core of a Gerber humidor is a powerful cold evaporator, working efficiently in a nearly airtight cabinet. Supported by robust fans, the system ensures even humidity distribution. Years of expertise have refined the electronic controls, which maintain optimal humidity levels, adjusting as needed for perfect cigar storage.

Investing in a Gerber humidor means choosing a blend of tradition and modernity, ensuring the best possible environment for your cigars.


What is a Humidor?

A humidor (from the Latin word „humidus“ meaning ‚moist‘) is a container made of wood or other materials designed for storing cigars. Its purpose is to maintain a climate that supports the aging process and preserves the cigars‘ flavors while also providing an attractive presentation. Gerber humidors use modern technology to ensure the correct humidity level for the stored cigars.

A humidor is essential for cigar storage because:

  • Regulating the relative humidity is crucial to ensure the tobacco receives the right amount of moisture.
  • Humidity keeps the tobacco supple and secures its unique flavor.
  • Proper relative humidity allows the cigars‘ flavors to fully develop.
  • For cigars to mature properly, the environment should not be too humid, and the climate should be kept as constant as possible.
What Types of Humidors are Available?

There is a wide and diverse range of humidor models and types, including:

  • Small travel humidors
  • Cigar boxes
  • Desktop humidors
  • Larger built-in humidors
  • Wall humidors
  • Cigar lounges
  • Walk-in humidors

The production and quality of humidors vary greatly between industrially manufactured humidors and those handcrafted to customer specifications. Gerber humidors are custom-made pieces that fulfill all individual customer wishes.

What Role Does Humidity Have?

To keep a cigar flavorful, it must be stored at the correct humidity. If tobacco is too dry while burning, it cannot fully develop its aroma. Both relative and absolute humidity are highly relevant in this context. Relative humidity indicates the percentage of water vapor in the air. The higher the air temperature, the more water the air can absorb. Absolute humidity indicates the total amount of water in an environment and is measured in grams per cubic meter.

If the humidity in a humidor is 100%, the air is saturated and cannot absorb more water. At 50% relative humidity, the air is half-saturated. When humidity exceeds 100%, excess water settles on surfaces. The higher the air temperature, the more water it can absorb.


  • 25% relative humidity at 30°C = 7.75 grams of water per cubic meter (7.75g/m³)
  • 100% relative humidity at 5°C = 7 grams of water per cubic meter (7g/m³)

Absolute humidity refers to the total amount of water present in a room, expressed in grams per cubic meter. Gerber humidors are equipped with advanced technology that maintains the ideal relative humidity level for cigars.

How Does the Technology of a Humidor Work?

To maintain a climate that supports cigars in retaining and refining their aroma during storage, Gerber humidors are equipped with modern sensors that monitor the relative humidity of the stored cigars. The technology used in Gerber humidors has been tested and continuously improved over time. To maintain the perfect balance of relative humidity inside the humidors, they employ humidification and dehumidification systems. Humidification is based on cold evaporation, with fans distributing moisture evenly throughout the humidor. If the relative humidity exceeds the desired level (often set at 70%), Gerber humidors‘ electronically controlled dehumidification system activates.

Definition of a Cigar

A cigar (from the Spanish word „cigarro“) is a rolled work of art made exclusively from tobacco leaves. There is a wide variety of cigar brands and types available on the market. Some of the most renowned brands include:

  • Cohiba
  • Montecristo
  • Partagás
  • Davidoff
  • Romeo y Julieta
  • H. Upmann
  • Arturo Fuente
  • Camacho

Each brand typically offers different formats characterized by various sizes and properties. Different tobacco blends produce different flavors and burning behaviors.

The origin of cigars and their production is most likely traced back to Cuba, which is still home to some of the most famous cigars. However, producers have long since spread to other countries like the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, and others, which are now considered classic tobacco-growing regions.

How to Choose the Right Humidor for My Needs

The equipment, dimensions, and designs of Gerber humidors vary significantly between models. Humidors can also be combined with other exquisite custom-made pieces from the finest woods and modern materials for wines, liqueurs, and spirits, allowing for stylish presentation of both fine cigars and fine drinks.

The size of the humidor is an important selection criterion. Gerber offers solutions for every collector, from small table humidors like the Cube, to medium-sized humidors like the CigarArt and Ascension, to large cabinet humidors.

The Gerber humidor „Number One“ can be customized in its exterior dimensions (height/width/depth) to fulfill individual wishes or adapt to the room’s conditions and available space. Additionally, there is the unique possibility of designing a custom humidor in collaboration with the customer. Based on technical feasibility, we are happy to accommodate customer wishes and create unique furniture pieces according to cigar enthusiasts‘ ideas. We are pleased to advise you on the different humidor models and how your ideas and expectations can be realized.

How Are Gerber Humidors Delivered?

The humidors are securely packaged in sturdy shipping crates and can be shipped by sea, air, or land transport, depending on their destination. Larger humidor models (such as the Number One, larger built-in humidors, and walk-in humidors) are prepared for transport and can be easily assembled on-site. Gerber humidors have found their way to all continents. We consider the country-specific import regulations to ensure smooth transportation.

How Long is the Construction Time of a Humidor?

Considering the production and delivery times of Gerber humidors, it is important to note that they are handmade unique pieces, often crafted by a single carpenter. Production and delivery times also depend on our suppliers. Since each humidor has its own production requirements and we emphasize the highest quality, production and delivery times can vary.

Can I Only Buy the Humidors Shown on the Website?

The humidors listed on the website are the standalone humidor models. These include:

  • Number One
  • CigarArt
  • Ascension
  • Monolith
  • Cube

In addition to these, we also produce built-in humidors and custom-made humidors. Individual size adjustments are possible for the Gerber „Number One“ humidor according to customer wishes.

Does Gerber Assemble the Humidors?

Gerber humidors feature a proven and timeless design that allows for easy assembly on-site. Upon customer request, a Gerber employee can assemble the humidor at the destination.

Does the Gerber Carpentry Have Experience in Building Humidors?

The Gerber family business has been operating in Duisburg for over 140 years, spanning five generations. Humidors have also been built at the Duisburg location for many years. The production of humidors combines long-standing tradition and dedication to the material.

Can I Choose the Materials for the Humidor?

The exterior of Gerber humidors can be designed according to customer preferences. We work with all market-available wood veneers. From exotic woods, root wood veneers, carbon, and lacquers to gold leaf and other metal alloys, there are extensive possibilities for humidor cladding. At Gerber, we comply with the CITES regulations for protected and certified wood species. If you have questions about materials and the possibilities for creating your ideal humidor, we are happy to advise you.

Do Gerber Humidors Come with a Warranty?

When purchasing a Gerber humidor, we certify:

  • Lifetime warranty on all carpentry work
  • Warranty on all electronic components (according to the manufacturer)
  • Worldwide customer service by Gerber humidor specialists
  • Availability of the Gerber humidor service team
Why Choose a Humidor from Gerber?

At the family-run Gerber Humidor business, we strive to be among the world’s best manufacturers of custom-made cigar cabinets. We are leaders in technology, design, and quality. Experience from long-standing practice, continuous improvement, and excellent craftsmanship have made Gerber humidors the artful and technically optimized furniture pieces they are today.