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desktop humidor made in germany

Desktop humidor with matching base

“It’s a beauty!!! Even my wife loved the amazing look. Thanks so much for all the great work from Gerber and all your customer satisfaction commitment.


Alvaro V.“

When you get such a customer review, everyone involved is more than happy. The humidor was finished just before Christmas and delivered as a real Christ Child. The Aficionado from South America, who gave himself this cigar cabinet as a present, is one of our regular customers. As with any true passion, there is no limit to the love of cigars. So the cigar collection is constantly growing and a humidor is simply not enough in the long run.

Desktop humidor made from Cocobolo

To be more flexible and to be able to take the favourite cigars with him, our customer decided some time ago to use the shown table humidor made of Cocobolo as a second humidor. Cocobolo belongs to the rosewood family and is characterised by its spiral growth, the intensive play of colours from brown to red and its liveliness. The table humidor is naturally made of Spanish cedar wood inside and has an electronically controlled humidifier. This is battery operated and the humidor can therefore be placed anywhere.

Base as a fully equipped humidor

The customer wanted a base to match the Gerber Humidor Cube. On the one hand, this base should allow the humidor to be placed free-standing in the room, but on the other hand, it should also serve as a full-fledged humidor. Every carpenter knows that a custom-made product always has technical tolerances. In places where work is still done by hand, each piece can deviate from the next one by one millimeter. So it was a special masterstroke of our carpenter team to be able to produce the base exactly fitting the Cube. The base is made of bog oak, which forms a nice contrast to the Cocobolo, and is fully equipped with an active humidification system.The customer can easily „take“ his Cube with him and always has a wonderful storage possibility for boxes and other loose cigars.